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September 2015 

So many eggs and it's so confusing!

"Probably one of the most private things in the world is an egg until it is broken ."- M. F. K. Fisher, food critic and author 

"Love and Eggs are best when they are fresh" - Russian Proverb

Have you stood in front of the egg case at the store and wondered at the huge selection of eggs?  And then have you wondered which ones you should buy?  

Should you go for cage free, omega-3, the least expensive or the most? Why are there so many choices?

What does it all mean?

First off; why are some eggs white and some brown? It's not because one is bleached and the other is not, it depends on the type of hen laying the egg.  White ear lobe birds lay white eggs and brown eggs come from brown or red ear lobe hens. 

Egg color does not dictate the quality of nutrition for the egg.  This is determined by how they are raised and what they are eating.  You eat what the chicken eats!
The most common egg color is white and that's because the commercial egg industry routinely uses the white leghorn breed as it is the most efficient and productive egg layer.

To clear up the confusion about all the types of eggs sold in the grocery store here's a quick breakdown:
  • Cage Free - live in an enclosed building in crowded conditions without any access to the outdoors, ever, and are fed GMO corn, soy and other grains.
  • Free Range - access to the outdoors but spend most of everyday indoors and are fed GMO corn, soy and other grains.
  • Vegetarian (this makes me laugh because chickens are omnivores) - fed GMO corn, soy and other grains, no outdoor access to natural diet consisting of bugs, grubs and grains.
  • Omega-3 - fed low quality GMO feed from oxidized (degraded) sources of omega 3.
  • Pasteurized - heated to 140 degrees in a water bath for 3.5-5 minutes to kill salmonella on the shell, dried, then coated in wax. 
  • Organic - are cage free but may or may not have access to the outdoors and are fed organic corn, soy and other grains.
  • Pasture raised - have unlimited access to the outdoors (during the day), with plenty of room to roam and eat bugs and grubs. Fed a supplemental diet that may contain corn and soy.  

Now you've gained some clarity but I bet you're still wondering which eggs are the best to buy.


The safest and best eggs to eat with the highest nutritional content.

While researching for this newsletter I learned a few more things about eggs and realized I wasn't choosing the best that are available to me.  I thought I was but I wasn't and I'd really like for you to understand which eggs you should be eating, too.
Eggs that are raised in a very natural and healthy environment, eating their natural diet are very safe and higher by far in nutritional content than all other eggs.  

It is overcrowding, poor living conditions and poor quality feed that produces the risk of salmonella and other bacterial contamination due to the porous nature of the shells.

When a hen lays an egg it applies a cuticle in the form of a liquid coating that dries in a few minutes, this naturally protects it from contamination when raised in healthy conditions.

Eggs from healthy hens contain very high amounts of vitamins A, D, E, beta carotene and omega 3 fatty acids. You would have to eat 5-6 of any other egg to get the same nutritional punch that is provided in just one pasture raised, organic egg. 


Here it is: the best eggs you can eat are directly from the pasture raised hen. 

  • The eggs have not been heated, sprayed, coated in wax or refrigerated. 
  • The hens are not fed wheat, corn or soy, they eat bugs and grubs: their supplemental feed is organic.  
  • The grains growing naturally in their pastures are not treated with pesticides or fertilizers (other than what the organic grazing animals might be dropping).  
  • The hens soak up Vitamin D from the sun and are happy, happy birds.

Check out this very eye-opening article about why our USA eggs would be illegal in some other countries.  It inspired me to find a farmer who follows the practices in the UK and those I outlined above.

The best place to find these eggs are direct from the farmer or your local farmers market.  Don't be afraid to ask questions and really get to the bottom of how the hens are raised and what they are fed.  To find a local farmer go to the Weston A. Price foundation website.

Your next best option would be organic pasture raised eggs from the grocery store.  They must follow USDA guidelines, meaning; washed with detergent, sprayed with a chemical sanitizer and refrigerated.  This practice applies to those eggs labeled organic as well.

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In Health, Happiness and Gratitude,


Kim Jones


Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach




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