"Ask Maggie" - Why are your rates increasing on your car insurance?

Why are your rates increasing on your car insurance?
Look around next time you are driving, chances are you will encounter someone engaging in the act of distracted driving. Insurance rates are increasing due to the wide spread epidemic of distracted driving. Distracted driving today is costing companies in the insurance industry billions. These expenses are being turned into high premiums and increasing rates for the clients. Everyone is aware that they should not text and drive but people do it anyway leading to these, in some cases, double digit increases to rates! On top of being extremely dangerous to society, distracted driving is flat out costly. 

So what is distracted driving? Distracted driving is defined as driving a motor vehicle while engaging in another activity. In most cases being distracted by a cellular or other electronic device. Other forms include video chatting, putting on makeup, eating, talking to passengers, messing with instrument controls, and reading. Currently distracted driving is still on the increase. As long as distracted driving keeps increasing costs to the insurance companies, it will increase our premiums as well!

Large insurance companies have stated that for each dollar they take in they are spending a dollar fifty on claims due to distracted driving. Naturally in order to stay in business companies must increase their rates to earn any profit at all. 

With all this being said there are a few solutions to reward the good drivers out there, while also attempting to reverse distracted driving. One of the solutions that companies are offering is an app that records whether you are on your phone while operating a vehicle. Companies are able to use this app to give discounts to their clients who are not using their phone while driving. 

There is also new equipment you can quickly install in your car to monitor hard breaks, acceleration and time of day you are driving. The companies are able to collect his data from the telematics device installed in your car to determine who should be discounted for practicing safe driving. Now good driving will never go unnoticed!

If you have any further questions about your increasing rates, or how to get discounts for your safe driving than contact a licensed professional at Kiely Hines & Associates. With just a simple phone call an agent will review all your personal options and point you in the right direction to discounted auto coverage!

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