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Richland School District Passes Resolution:
Policy 2360 – Race, Culture, and the Curriculum
Liv Finne to appear at NWBC Lunch at Squalicum Yacht Club 2633 S Harbor Loop Drive, Bellingham 11:30 to 1:00PM

From the Washington Policy Center: " In response to concerns in the community that Critical Race Theory and other racist ideas are being promoted in public schools, education leaders in Richland have clarified school policies on protecting basic civil rights and treating all students with equal dignity. Last month, on October 25, the Richland School Board voted 4-1 to pass Resolution 2360,

…no student shall be taught that their skin color determines their ability to succeed…” 
“…no student shall be taught that their race determines their moral character;” 
“…no student shall be taught that their race makes them responsible for past transgressions of their race….” 
“…no student shall be taught that their socio-economic status or U.S. citizenship status makes them superior or inferior to others.”  

185,000 Public School Kids will have 107 School Board Directors selected this year; Right Here In the Fourth Corner.

Over 3 Billion Dollars (without COVID recovery money) in Budgets...
Want to get involved in your school community on a very rewarding level?!!! One of the following director positions may be your avenue for community involvement...
Whatcom: 8 Districts (1 shared with Skagit) 23 Directors...
Skagit: 8 Districts (1 shared with Whatcom; 1 shared with Snohomish) 22 Directors...
Snohomish: 15 Districts (1 shared with Skagit; 1 shared with Island) 39 Directors...
San Juan: 4 Districts 11 Directors...
Island: 4 Districts (1 Shared with Snohomish) 11 Directors
Clallam: 3 Districts 9 Directors

Note: Numbers shown by County include the Number of elections:115 to elect 107 Board members in Different County juristictions.

Check out this article by a Lewis County writer for an explanation of how the tax really works.

"Almost everyone by now has probably heard about what a lot of people are calling a gas tax that has taken effect. I have had issue with the way this has been presented, because it is not a gas tax. It will likely raise gas prices, but it may not happen all at once, and we might have already seen higher gas prices because of it. It’s a carbon tax, and it covers a lot more than just gas.... Read More here...
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Whatcom County as a whole passes tax increase:
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(IN: Snohomish, Clallam, Skagit, San Juan, Island, and Whatcom...)*****

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