Issue 6.31
July 31, 2020
Message from the President
Many Delawareans are limiting their travel this summer for obvious reasons. If you do venture out, our beaches remain a very good option, as are parks and other tourist destinations in New Castle and Kent Counties. 

Your safety, and that of your family and friends, is of paramount importance. If you are out, the CDC and public health officials believe you are safest when wearing a mask, keeping some distance between you and others, and enjoying the outdoors. 

An option to consider is the  Delaware State Fair , which is running until August 1. Read more >
Delaware Department of Labor Issues FAQs and Return to Work Guidelines

  • Disqualification for unemployment benefits if I refuse to return to work after receiving notice from my employer.
  • What if I cannot return to work due to a medical condition or age?
  • What if I am being called back to work with reduced hours and or pay?
  • What actions should I take if I have concerns about my safety from COVID-19 at the workplace?

  • How do I respond to an employee’s refusal to work?
  • What must I do to adhere to workplace safety guidelines as directed by DPH and the CDC?
  • What are the best reopening practices as/for an employer?

The coronavirus pandemic has tested small business owners’ ability to adjust their business model unlike ever before. To survive the challenges they’ve faced so far in 2020, they have had to be nimble, resourceful and creative.

Small business owners have also needed a strong relationship with their banker. Many Delaware business owners relied on their business banker when applying for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan earlier this year or considering other ways to navigate these uncertain times. Here are five ways small business owners can build strong relationships with the bankers they may need to lean on when times get tough. Read more >
In Both the Good and the Challenging Times, We are Here for You
JPMorgan Chase has a longstanding history in this state. And now, more than ever, we want our customers to know that we are here for you… and we’re committed to Delaware. Read more >
The CARES Act expands the value of
NOLs for all taxpayers

Congress reacted to the crisis by passing laws that created loan programs and lessened or delayed tax payments as aids for businesses. One of these tax law changes is the temporary modification of the use of net operating losses (NOLs). It is important to look at your 2018 and 2019 tax filings with NOLs to determine how the change in the application of NOLs under the CARES Act will generate the largest federal tax refund. Read more >
Janssen's Market

In the face of a storm, the power of teamwork is indispensable. For Janssen’s Market, a woman-owned business, this statement sparks veracity
throughout the challenges confronted during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic has swept across the world, Janssen’s Market has utilized the harmony of its full-staffed workforce to quickly adapt in order to continue providing their customers the same convenience and specialty items they’ve cherished for over six decades. Read more >
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