Reviews and Recommendations for Young Readers
Welcome to our first Holiday 2018 Book Gathering
Over the next few weeks we will be sending you 3 booklists. Each one focuses on a different age group and each includes reviews from Red Balloon Booksellers. Below are some of our favorite books for the youngest among us.Of course, they all make great gifts.
And...why buy presents that aren't books?!
Staff Reviews
Good Night Owl (Board Book)
By Greg Pizzoli

Owl hears a noise. A tiny noise, a funny noise. A "squeek" to be exact. What could it be? Owl is disturbed, so disturbed he takes his house apart trying to find the noise. Literally. With no roof, no walls, no cupboard, and his bed under the stars, he finally finds the noise. Read this to find out what the noise could possibly be!     — Julie (RBB Staff)
Winter Dance (Board Book)
By Marion Dane Bauer, Richard Jones (Illustrator)

Fox knows that winter is coming and needs to decide what to do about it. All the animals are happy to share how they spend the winter, but nothing seems quite right for fox. Richard Jones's soft, beautiful illustrations pair beautifully with Marion Dane Bauer's lyrical storytelling. A lovely, seasonal story to share with even your youngest reading buddies on a cold winter's day. — Angela (RBB Staff)
Crash, Splash, or Moo!
By Bob Shea

 Are you ready to win some bananas? Join Mr. McMonkey, Action Clam, and a cow for a thrilling, stunt-tastic round of Crash, Splash, or Moo! This hilarious new picture book from Bob Shea is packed full of stunts, sound effects, and interactive elements that make it a great read aloud. It's the perfect book for all the zany daredevils and potential game show contestants in your life!   — Angela (RBB Staff)
Thank You, Omu!
by Oge Mora

This is a delightful tale that illustrates in a sweet and subtle way that what a person gives will come back to her many times over. The story builds through repetitive language, which young children so enjoy. The illustrations are wonderfully colorful, and a bit abstract, which is part of their charm. A perfect way to teach the concept of sharing, giving, and receiving, and a great story for this time of year .    — Susan (RBB Staff)
By Molly Idle

In Pearl's gorgeously illustrated world, mermaids are given things (places, objects, elements, etc.) to watch over and take care of. More than anything else, Pearl wishes to be like the other mermaids. One day, Pearl is given a single grain of sand to watch over, which makes her feel disappointed. Over time, however, Pearl learns that sometimes it just takes a little time and love to turn something small into something precious. — Kelsie (RBB Staff)
A Big Mooncake for Little Star
By Grace Lin

This a a very imaginative tale about how the moon comes to lose its big, full, round shape, and in the end to regain it again. It involves a daring, curious little girl and her loving mother, who actively participates in the adventure. And did I mention the stars made out of crumbs? Grace Lin's wonderful illustrations take readers directly into space. An adorable, sweet story, perfect for bedtime. — Susan (RBB Staff)
We Don't Eat our Classmates  
By Ryan T. Higgins

Penelope T-Rex is nervous about starting school. Then she finds out that all her classmates are children. And the thing about children is they are SO TASTY! But the other thing about children is they hesitate to make friends with someone who tends to eat them. Penelope is lonely. Enter Walter, the goldfish, the final ingredient in this delightful, guaranteed-to-make-you laugh tale of learning how to get along. — Joan (RBB Staff)
Interrupting Chicken and the Elephant of Surprise
By David Ezra Stein

I love this silly and endearing story! This sequel to Interrupting Chicken is just as good and every bit as fun as its original. It shows a loving dad and daughter, references classic fairy tales, promotes reading, and of course includes so many elephants of surprise. A great read aloud and laugh out loud! — Holly (RBB Staff)
Mary Poppins
By  P. L. Travers Genevieve Godbout  (Illustrator)

This picture-book version of Mary Poppins is simply delightful! I loved revisiting this story that I enjoyed as a child. Who wouldn't want a nanny that makes every day a magical adventure? Jane and Michael are lucky children indeed! The retro illustrations are also perfectly charming. Now I just have to decide which child in my family will get this for Christmas! — Barb (RBB Staff)
Fox the Tiger
By Corey R. Tabor

Fox is the best. He's the perfect friend to learn to read with because: 1) Fox has a great imagination, 2) if you don't know how to read yet you can look at the delightful pictures, 3) Fox has the best friends, 4) once you've mastered the early readers, you can read one of Fox's picture books, and 5) every contest IS a scheming contest! — Angela (RBB Staff)
More Books We Love
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By Jessica Love
By Yuyi Morales
National Parks of the U.S.A.
By Kate Siber, Chris Turnham (Illustrator)
By Emma Chichester Clark
Small Walt and Mo the Tow
By Elizabeth Verdick, Marc Rosenthal (Illustrator)
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