It's cool to put ideas into the world but it's much more interesting to find out what people do with those ideas. In this newsletter, see how a reader expanded Simple Habits into a reading group curriculum. Also, new complexity and adult development resources and supports. 
Cultivating Leadership                                                                          July 2017
See how Citi is using Simple Habits as the curriculum for a self-study book group  

There are some times when it seems that writing a book is a futile endeavor. Like when people ask me for a one page summary because they really don't have time for books. In fact, three bullet points would really be better. Or when I am introduced as the co-author of Complex Habits for Simple Minds (this really happened!). Sigh.
But then there are the times when the years of effort that go into writing a book seem so entirely worthwhile because of what other people do with it. Rafael Lopez at Citigroup is a shining example of that.

Raf has taken Simple Habits and turned it into not only a book group, but a developmental curriculum for a bunch of his colleagues. When Keith and I envisioned Simple Habits, we imagined people using it as a kind of curriculum, but we didn't imagine that people would use it as a springboard for a better curriculum than ours! Raf's group at Citi doesn't just read the chapters together, they really work with them and add to them and make them their own. In keeping with Citi's work supporting the development of its people--and particularly their desire to handle complexity and change with grace--they have used our book as a platform for their growth rather than simply a set of ideas to be consumed.

Click here to find out more about Raf's work with Simple Habits
Come learn with us!

Ok, so the virtual Conversations at the Growing Edge is full. Let Diana know if you'd be interested in finding out about the next one. Click here for more information.

Already taken that one?
Jennifer is offering an Expanding Client Horizons Openly workshop in September 6-8 in Wellington.

Carolyn and Beth are offering a Psychologically Spacious Coaching workshop November 6-8 in suburban Washington DC. Click here for more information on that one.

Not wired for complexity
Not wired for complexity
We're just not wired for complexity...
Our second video, featuring Jennifer and an odd but endearing talking brain, describes the ways we're simply not wired to handle complexity well. If you're trying to figure out why it all seems so hard sometimes, this animation might help you feel better about your plight!

You can get this and our first animation on our website here.

When a quick cartoon won't do: Deeper dives on adult development, complexity, and why it all matters

Here you'll find a video of Zafer talking about complexity and change (this is worth clicking on just to hear his experience as a young consultant with an innovative change strategy).

And here's Jennifer talking about complexity of mind and the way adults grow and change over time--and why it matters to support ourselves and others to grow.

Or if you'd rather listen than watch, here's an interview with Jennifer. Marcia Hyatt asks about practical tips for making our lives better in complexity. See what you think.

Our books are in the news!
Simple Habits has made two must read leadership book lists:
At the Enterprise project for Ten Must-reads for IT leaders
and for John Saunder's The Best Books I've Ever Read!
If you've read and enjoyed our books, you might check out the other books on the list. If you haven't read Simple Habits yet--these might finally convince you to give it a go!

Simple Habits for Complex Times: Powerful Practices for Leaders
by Jennifer Garvey Berger
and Keith Johnston
Stanford Business Books
Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 2015-02-25
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