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 Reconnecting Nebraska's Farmers and Grocery Retailers

Sponsored by your Nebraska Grocery Industry Association


Message from Kathy Siefken, Nebraska Grocery Industry Association

Save the date: July 15. That will be the day for our upcoming Annual Conference at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. And of course, I hope you'll plan on attending the Annual Sand Bagger Golf Outing at Iron Horse in Ashland the following day, July 16. It's a unique golf course built around an old rock quarry, featuring incredible views and an exceptional course.  

Between the educational session and the networking, you can count on having a great meeting with many take-aways. The speaker lineup currently being confirmed is going to make this one of the best events we've held yet. Meet up with old friends, find a few new ones and enjoy a day out at the zoo with the family.

Click here for information on the golf outing, and watch Farmer Goes to Market and the NGIA website for more details as we finalize the annual conference. That's July 15 and 16. Don't forget to reserve the date!




Kathy Siefken
Executive Director

Nebraska Grocery Industry Association


P.S. We still have Federal All-In-One Posters available. Click here to email me, or give us a call and we will forward a poster and send an invoice. The cost is $15 plus tax and shipping.   

Nebraska's soybean farmers are proud to bring you this information to help answer customer questions
Nebraska soybean farmers and their checkoff are proud sponsors of the Farmer Goes to Market program, realizing that this program provides an integral link in the food system chain. The information provided in this newsletter is a key step in our educational initiative, providing consumers with information on our effort to provide them with a safe, affordable, abundant food supply.


We take great pride in supporting Nebraska's agricultural foundation
The farm and ranch families represented by Nebraska Farm Bureau are proud sponsors of the Farmer Goes to Market program. We take great pride in supporting Nebraska's agricultural foundation. A key part of that effort is to make sure we produce safe and affordable food. This newsletter is an important part of our effort to connect the two most important parts of the food chain -- the farmer and the grocer -- with the goal of increasing consumer awareness and information about how their food is raised in Nebraska.


An educational program produced by Food-Chain Communications and delivered to members of the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association. Farmer Goes to Market was established in 2008 to help bridge the growing gulf between today's grocery retailer and today's farmer, empowering them with full-chain knowledge to carry agriculture's true message to food consumers.


Translating Food Technology:
'Why Do Farmers Do That?'
Tilling and no-tilling yearly... why do it?

Why do farmers plow fields year after year?

What a farmer does in order to grow the food we take for granted often remains misunderstood. Our new series, "Why Do Farmers Do That?" helps answer some of those basic questions. Shoppers may have heard criticism that plowing farm fields creates soil erosion that is choking rivers, lakes and even seas. Why then don't farmers stop? Here's why they do it, and what they do to help prevent those problems.  


Foresight on Food Politics:
Nebraska joins Missouri's egg lawsuit
Nebraska joins the fight over California eggs

Nebraska this month joined Missouri and five other states in that state's lawsuit against the state of California over its demands that eggs sold in that state
there by raised only on farms using "humane," cage-free systems. Arguing the restriction becomes a national restraint of trade in the name of protecting California's egg industry, it could help clarify the future of a movement that's been estimated to potentially add billions of dollars to the cost of supplying America's grocers with eggs. Click here for details.


Navigating the New Food Movement: 

When it comes to questions of meat
and livestock, who do consumers trust?      

Which groups do consumers trust most?

Oklahoma State surveyed a thousand consumers about a handful of high-profile meat and livestock sources, ranging from the cattlemens assocation to the New York Times. Who fared well in the trust department, and who didn't? Take a look at this at-a-glance credibility meter for your shoppers.

Competitive Commodity Insight:
As grilling season poses to heat up, so are meat prices. What's the supply outlook?

Grilling's about to get more costly

Even as overall U.S. inflation stayed steady, according to the U.S. Labor Department last month, retail beef prices took their biggest monthly jump in a decade. As grocers stand at the door of summer grilling season, will the outlook get any better? The most recent USDA outlook suggests you'd better hang on tight.  

Meet your Farmers...
Today's circuit-riding preacher
for modern agriculture, Valentine's Trent Loos         

Valentine's Trent Loos is on a mission  

Valentine rancher Trent Loos, a sixth generation U.S. rancher, host of the daily radio show Loos Tales and founder of Faces of Agriculture, a non-profit organization devoted to telling the story of American agriculture one face at a time, travels nearly non-stop year-round to do his own form of evangalizing for the beauty of and need for modern farming.

On the Lighter Side:
Why you do not send men
to the grocery store


This is why you don't send me to the store  

Think the war between the sexes has finally drawn to a close? Then just try sending your husband on a supermarket errand for you, says gentle humorist Jeanne Robertson.       

Click here for more details on today's Food Morality Movement