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Why do farmers get paid not to grow crops_
Why do farmers get paid not to grow crops?
The U.S. Department of Agriculture just announced Nebraska is the No. 3 state in the number of farm acres set aside to not grow crops. Our popular series, "Why Do Farmers Do That?" returns with the question: Why do farmers get paid to leave their ground empty?    
Are cartoons making kids fat_
Grocery photo:  Flickr/Cory Dcotorow. Some rights reserved. Used under CC BY SA 2.0.
DOH! Now we know who's to blame for fat kids
Turns out Bart and Stewie aren't just bad influences on language and classroom behavior. They're terrible eaters, as well, according to this study of the food habits of the nation's most popular cartoon characters. Are they leading our kids down the path to obesity?
Are farmers divided over the Humane Society_
Flickr_Patrick Kwan. Some rights reserved. Used under CC BY 2.0.
Behind the division in farming over Humane Society
The Washington, D.C., animal-rights group Humane Society of the United States is back in the state, and back big. And its appearance is building some friction between farmers here.
Summer 2016 grilling update
Summer grilling fare outlook
Just ahead of the kickoff to this year's summer grilling season, the U.S. Department of Agriculture published red-meat and poultry production forecasts for 2017 predicting production of all animal protein components is expected to increase next year vs. this year. What can you expect that rise to do to prices this summer?
Meet your farmers and their tractors on Nebraska_s highways
Or, at least, wave to some of them as you go by
"Seeing Nebraska at 12 miles an hour is a lot better than seeing Nebraska at 65 miles per hour," says the coordinator of the annual Tractor Relay Across Nebraska, scheduled to pass through a town near you starting June 4. Here's where you'll be able to see the antique tractor-parade charity event as it rolls across the state. 
The best tornado chase video on the Internet
The best storm-chaser video on the Internet
This season has given us, and threatens to give us even more, stunning opportunities to see the heavy finger of nature trace paths of destruction across the landscape. This one, shot just over the state line in Wray, Colo., will leave you breathless.
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