Pool Units: AAON Dehumidification Systems
Indoor swimming pools pose challenges unique to their environment, especially
in the wintertime. Failure to properly control humidity and temperature can result in unfavorable conditions. 
AAON's indoor pool precision dehumidification units dynamically vary capacity
to solve these difficult scenarios and provide solutions to potential problems. 
Unlike conventional ventilation systems, AAON's unique unit design is available with an energy recovery wheel to capture and re-use energy, resulting in optimal environmental control, high energy efficiency and low operating cost. 
In the winter, specifically, outside air is used to cool and remove
moisture and then gas is used to reheat. 
Why is using gas instead of electric more efficient? Gas is much cheaper BTU
for BTU. In fact, did you know thatelectric is FIVE times more expensive than gas! 
(US Energy Information Administration (EIA))
So, who wouldn't choose AAON's heat recovery and gas heat methodology
to dehumidify your pool in the wintertime instead of electricity?
...Someone who doesn't want to save money and maintenance.
Don't believe it? Ask your JACCO contact who is using AAON
Dehumidification Systems to maintain their pools.
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AAON Opens Norman Asbjornson Innovation Center R&D Laboratory
AAON, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAON), a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling products, officially opened the Norman Asbjornson Innovation Center (NAIC) Research and Development Laboratory. 
The 65-foot tall 134,000 square foot facility features ten test chambers that continue to solidify AAON as the technological leader in high performance HVAC equipment. The NAIC is the only laboratory in the world able to measure supply, return, and ambient sound under actual load conditions, for an air conditioning system up 300 tons and a chiller system up to 540 tons. Environmental application testing capabilities include -20°F to 140°F testing conditions, up to 8 inches per hour rain testing, up to 2 inches per hour snow testing, and up to 50 mph wind testing.

For more information,  please contact  Jerry Cohen or visit our website.
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