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Why do symptoms occur in the first place?
Part 1
October, 2016

Have you ever wondered why your neck or back goes out while you are doing nothing or maybe your shoulder suddenly doesn't work so well or a knee feels kinked and makes you limp?  Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is "what did I just do?  Did I move wrong or lift something?  Or is it just an old joint acting up again?  An orthopedist or physical therapist will exam the site of the ailment, give a medication or possibly recommend an exercise program to correct it. This approach rarely corrects the problem and without the true correction, it continues to reoccur and life slowly becomes more restricted.  Worse yet, the individual accepts the symptom as normal aging and in doing so lives a life style under the dominion of the presumed condition.  The end result is weight gain, loss of muscle tone, generalized fatigue, dependency on medications, and eventually accepting the concept of surgery.
What if I was to tell you that there could be an entirely different paradigm       working here, that none of the above is true or only partly true?
Through the looking glass of this paradigm, the doctor takes note of all the       other possibilities that are built into the complexities of what could make up the pattern of the symptoms.  Here is what one would see and test for to find the real cause:
  • Is there a particular meal or food that aggravates an organ which has a reflex response to the area involved?
  • Is there a nutritional deficiency which creates an imbalance of coordinated muscle function, thereby creating inflammation?
  • Was there an exposure to a toxic substance which through a network of reflexes caused a particular muscle to weaken and this caused the joint to misalign?
  •  Is the symptom the result of a postural distortion coming from somewhere else in the kinetic chain, creating an apex of distortion, the stress of which radiates a pain to the area of complaint?
  • More often than one can believe, the cause could be an incident which reactivated an old emotion or the memory of an old event having been stored in the body, setting off a cascade of threat responses which are displayed in muscles tightening and putting compression on the nerves.
  • Is the cause an inherited emotional threat response due to an incident that occurred in an ancestor's life which was activated by an incident in ones present life.
These are some of the possibilities.  What if there is a methodology that could discover the real cause underlying the symptom, one that is not magic, but a scientific system that can be utilized to find it and then a system to correct it with an immediate display of change of function to prove it.

Well, that system is called "applied kinesiology".  It is an advanced system of chiropractic that allows for a systematic approach of discovery of the true cause for nearly any condition.  It is painless and really quite exciting for the patient to come to the awareness of the real cause.  A sense of calmness comes over the patient when this happens, a peace of knowing there is hope.
Only a chiropractor specializing in Applied Kinesiology can unravel the truth behind the pattern of symptoms.  You might say that through this system one can find a true path to health recovery.
I have been specializing in this advanced system of health care for 38 years. There is very little that I haven't seen at one time or another.  I will join you in the journey so you can have a better future.

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