We wish you and your family 
a joyous  Christmas season 
surrounded by love and peace. 

From your team in Guatemala...
Lois & Ken Werner


Because these kids were born into
 poverty by chance, not choice and they need help.
This family of 7 children barely survives on dad's income of $3 a day.  Our critical care fund supplies formula for the newborn twins, vitamins for the children,  medical care and a family planning method for mom.

Because Marvin has spina bifida
 and took his first steps.
  He receives vitamins and medical care at our clinic.
Mom receives financial help to care for Marvin.

Because these young women 
dream of a better life.
Scholarship recipients Sara and Sophia attend high school
 and   work to support themselves and their mother.  

Because women no longer suffer
 headaches and respiratory problems.
Telma has a healthy kitchen and 
cooks for her family
 without inhaling toxic smoke.  Her Chapina stove is safe,
 uses 70% 
 less wood,  and vents the smoke outdoors.

Because we believe in the power of education.
Rosa, Emily and Juan Carlos are in our scholarship program. They attend English classes, receive math tutoring, and counseling for students and family members. 

Because all children deserve a healthy start.
These vulnerable kids live in a remote village  with no running water, 
no access to health care, and live in a house with dirt floors.

    Our mission binds us together in service
 to some of the world's poorest people.   Every day your support helps men, women, and children live in a
 safer, healthier, and more just world.  

Please support our vital work in rural Guatemala. 
Your donation will save lives.

Contact us at peopleforguatemala@gmail.com

Learn more about our work at peopleforguatemala.org

Please send your checks to:
People for Guatemala, Inc.
P.O. Box 110221
Naples, FL  34108

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Guatemala: 011-502-4909-0841
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