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Grace Financial Giving

Thank you to all those who have mailed in their giving checks. We gratefully appreciate it! If you would like to give online (via PayPal) please visit our website. Offerings can also still be mailed to Grace UMC at P.O. 276, Pequot Lakes, MN 56472.
Note from Pastor Jen
---As the seasons change we find ourselves in the church "stewardship" season. As someone new to Grace UMC, I would love to incorporate your stories of why Grace UMC is your place to share your time, talents, and financial resources. I would like to have two or three people record a brief message to the church to be used in upcoming services. In this message, you would tell us what Grace means to you and why you give in any variety of ways.

If this is something that you would be comfortable doing, please contact me at the church by phone or email I hope that there are some brave souls who will be open to sharing their reasons and stories. I will resort to personal calls and tearful pleas if needed! For those not comfortable being in the physical space at Grace yet, I would also welcome a written piece to include in an upcoming e-grace.

I look forward to hearing from you!
-Pastor Jen
Trunk-or-Treat (Drive-Thru) Volunteer Help Needed
Saturday, October 31
from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

We are excited to still host Trunk-or-Treat at Grace this Halloween. To help keep attendees and volunteers safe, this year’s Trunk-or-Treat will be drive-thru! Please consider volunteering or donating to help make this community event a success!

We need help in the following ways:

Candy Stop Attendants
Volunteers should dress in costume and wear a mask. You will be stationed near the front of the church and will pass out candy to cars that are driving thru.

Trunk Wavers
We will not be passing out candy from the trunks but we do want to have a handful of vehicles lined up to give folks in cars something to look at and to greet the guests with a friendly wave. Trunks should be decorated.

Candy Donation
Drop off individually wrapped candy at church during office hours or on Sunday morning before Sunday, October 25.

Bag Fillers
We are planning to have three candy stops during the drive-thru and plan to give out a small bag of a couple pieces of candy at each stop. We will be filling bags on Monday, October 26 at 5 p.m.

Anyone can drop off candy! To volunteer for any of these roles please email Andrea at or call her at 715-470-3131 
Building Access: Lock Box Update
Background about the lockbox number change:

The code for the lock-box has been changed. It had become quite apparent that a large number of people knew the code, and we had no way of knowing who they were. We do not want to restrict access to the building in any way. We do need to know who is coming into the church and where they are going. We are utilizing contact tracing as part of our Covid-related protocols, and we must know who is inside the church. If you are coming to church outside of normal office hours please sign in by using the clipboard sign-in sheet that will be kept by the side door (that is near the lock box). Ann tracks everyone who comes in and out during office times, and groups have been and are still expected to use one of the attendance sheets for their meetings, and leave this with the office. We need ALL groups to keep meetings within the Fellowship Hall. This room has the largest space to practice social distancing and it is easier to do follow-up cleaning and sanitizing when only one room is used. We have only been able to celebrate worship together for a month or so, schools in the area are still working within hybrid models, and our health care system still faces challenges. We must do our part to keep this space safe so that we do not jeopardize any forward gains of being together in more social spaces. If you had the code for the lock box previously and still need it, please speak with a member of the Trustees or Pastor Jen. Again, I do not want to keep any member from being in the building, but we have to be smart. The church is open 9-12, Monday-Friday, please keep the office informed if you or a group will be using space or working on a project outside of these times. 

Thank you,
Pastor Jen, in partnership with the Trustees
Looking for refreshing inspiration?
The Ministry Lab recently launched a new website! Come and see what's new in Worship, Faith Formation, Congregational Life, and Contemplative Practices. Scroll down the home page for Ministry Lab events and important community opportunities. While you’re there, get refreshed with Daily Breath, find inspiration in the weekly Six New Things list, or share a great idea. And be sure to sign up for posts and reminders. All Minnesota United Methodist churches have free access to The Ministry Lab, which supports innovation in faith formation and offers a multitude of resources, through their apportioned dollars.

Pastor Appreciation Day
October is traditionally the month we come together as church communities and honor our pastors. Staff Parish Relations Committee is inviting you to participate in this effort by sending notes of gratitude to Pastor Jen. 

We will recognize Pastor Jen during the worship service Sunday, October 25.
Church Employee Appreciation Month
Our church community is blessed with great staff! Staff Parish Relations Committee invites you to send notes of encouragement and thanks to our staff. Grace staff members are Andrea Langhoff (children and youth), Brad Wallace (Director of Music), Jacki Kline (accompanist), Ann Hutchings (administrative assistant), Joan Oscarson (treasurer), and Kathy Hansen (custodian). In addition, we have two "volunteer" staff members - Doris Longnecker (financial secretary) and Ardie Morris (hand bells).
Fall/Winter Snow Birds
Fall has officially arrived and as the calendar changes, we know that some of our members begin to head south. If you will be leaving, we would love to be able to stay in contact with you during your time away. As you make your to-do list of the many things you need to take care of before you go, please don’t forget to drop a note or call the office so that we can keep in touch! Safe travels!
Contact Information
 Grace United Methodist Church 
29318 Patriot Ave - P.O. Box 276
Pequot Lakes, MN 56472
Phone: 218-568-5755