Volume 1 | February 18, 2019
This is about more than books...
It's about why I write mysteries about lakes.

Of course, I'd be very happy to learn that you like my books but I would be most happy if you loved all the lakes, rivers and wetlands in your neighbourhood!!
So, what is this about then?
Me (sorry!) I may be the author of a couple of mystery novels where the action takes place at a fictitious lake in Ontario, Canada, but much of my career has been about boats, lakes, conservation, and tourism.
This is the lake where now I live, and have spent the most recent 30 years of my life:

I was young (once)!
In the big picture, protecting lakes, rivers and wetlands is essential for our survival. It also makes our lives a lot more fun! This photo is on one of two lakes where I grew up (I was smaller then, and my Dad built the boat!):

Then I grew up (or so I tell myself)!

I was proud to be the Captain (and at one time an owner) of this lovely passenger ship on the river in Saskatoon!

And this is the setting for my novels:
Well, not exactly. 'Awan Lake' is a figment of my imagination, a child's fantasy of Big Rideau Lake and Portland, Ontario where I spent many perfect days and nights on the Grindstone Island home of my grandfather, Admiral Sir Charles Kingsmill. Ever since those days, 'Awan Lake' has lingered in my thoughts, perhaps at some vague location to the north-west of Big Rideau! (Incidentally, 'Awan' is an Ojibwe word for 'foggy'.)

In the real world, it's wonderful to see that the Big Rideau Lake Association, too, has youth involved in water quality monitoring (The Water Rangers, photo at right).

Awan Lake and the
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