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Guarantees help people to trust your business and make buying decisions when working with you.

Many businesses are afraid to offer guarantees because they think people will take advantage of them.

However, offering a guarantee can assure people that you are trustworthy and will honor your commitment to quality service.
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A Family Medical Practice Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Jamison Family Medicine
Owner: Dr. Jeff Jamison

Dr. Jamison likes to think of his independent family medical practice a little like the Cheers TV show - his patients are known by name and feel welcome when they come in for services.

He is a board-certified medical practitioner who has been in practice for 23 years. He said that most of his staff has been with him for more than 10 years.

His best customers/patients are families where he can treat the parents and children, along with the grandparents, and extended family. He said that his patients are so loyal that they bring in staff gifts at Christmas like homemade fudge and greeting cards.

When COVID hit, he had to make big investments in technology and setting up staff to work from home, as well as offering telemedicine. He said it has been an interesting dance with insurance companies with shifting coverage during the pandemic. Dr. Jamison worked very hard to keep staff employed while supporting local restaurants through staff meals.

He admires the will of people to succeed during this time.

Special offer: He will offer a free consultation on procedures, such as No-Scalpel Vasectomy, and non-surgical, non-invasion laser sculpting of fat tissue if you mention this publication.

Jamison Family Medicine
9631 N Nevada St #210, Spokane, WA 99218
 (509) 319-2430

By Jennifer Ferrero, APR, DTM

Flowers and Chocolates for Generations

Bloem Chocolate & Flowers
Owner: Kathryn Julyan

Bloem is a family-owned and operated business started in 1977 and is now operated by daughter, Kathryn Julyan.

Julyan said that she is proud of, and admires her parents for running a quality business in Spokane for so long. She said their brand is built on, "Generosity, beauty, and graciousness."

Spokane residents buy flowers, chocolates, cards, and gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, hospital stays, births, and more. They've been an institution in River Park Square and have recently moved to a new downtown location on Wall Street.

Their customers are very loyal, said Julyan. She added that oftentimes, customers will, "Make a connection with the designers and have an ongoing relationship." They have a lot of repeat business through the retail store and website.

During the pandemic, they have missed the routine interaction with customers, but have offered delivery and pick-up services.

The biggest change for them was moving out of River Park Square where they saw a steady stream of foot traffic. Be sure to look for them at their new location and think of them for flower and chocolate orders.

Special offer: 15% off an order if you mention this publication.

221 N Wall St
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 456-8466

By Jennifer Ferrero, APR, DTM
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Useful Business Thought of the Week
Would this woman offer a guarantee for your pet grooming service? Why, why not?
How business owners can create a guarantee that works for them

If you are in the camp of not wanting to offer a guarantee for your products or services, you may be missing out on business.

Here are some ideas for getting started with writing a guarantee:

  1. Review your competition and note what guarantees they offer, or don't offer
  2. Make a list of quality standards for your industry (whether you are doing them all right now, or not)
  3. Document things that you could comfortably guarantee, and things that you couldn't confidently back-up in a guarantee. Ask yourself if there are areas that you could guarantee with some modifications in your service model?
  4. If you are in a regulated industry, but do provide fee-for-service items, perhaps write a guarantee for those items (not the regulated items that are off-limits)

Or call us to discuss how to get a handle on writing guarantees via business coaching, 509-455-5053. Consultations are always free!
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