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May 2019 Newsletter

Darcy Misiak Bien, Strategic Planner
         Darcy Bien 

Aug 22:
 Learning Forum on best-seller Radical Candor
At the Aug. 22 Learning Forum, we'll will dive into the Radical Candor method, a mix of both praise & criticism to help you challenge your staff constructively.  
Our Purpose:
To be your experienced guide helping plan your organization's future.

Our Core Values:
Lifetime Learners, Challenging the status quo, Feedback is a gift, Strategy is
energizing and fun.

Our Vision:
 Implementation by our clients.

Feedback: What's the big deal? 
If there's one thing we need to be successful in life, it's
feedback - a powerful, FREE tool in our management arsenal - yet it is SO underutilized. Why is this an issue? And, when feedback is given, why is it often given poorly? 
The TED podcast WorkLife With Adam Grant explores why people detest hearing negative feedback. When confronted with negative feedback, we have a certain physiological response, according to Adams. We tense up, our breathing gets shallower, and our ego becomes so threatened it starts to limit the information that goes into our brains. 

In Radical Candor, author Kim Scott says the best feedback is radically candid; it challenges directly while showing you care personally. The fact that you can't offer actual help shouldn't make you reluctant to offer feedback. Adopting the mindset that feedback is a gift will ensure your feedback is helpful.

Research has found that leaders who gave honest feedback were rated as five times more effective than ones who do not.
The skills needed to give and receive feedback are teachable; effective leaders actively seek feedback to enhance their performance. In addition to boosting employee satisfaction and productivity, feedback is motivating and helps employees feel a sense of involvement with their organization.
One of Darcy's core values is "feedback is a gift," and she was touched when her daughter Lily wrote about it for a recent school project, a "Wisdom Book".

Learning Forum: Join us August 22 for Radical Candor    
No reading required! Join us to discuss Radical Candor. The Radical Candor method provides guidance, along with praise and criticism, to produce better results for your team.        

Thursday, August 22, 2019, 8:30-10:30 a.m.
Facilitators: Darcy Bien & Cyndi Wineinger
OfficeKey - Hyde Park
3805 Edwards Rd., Rookwood Tower, Suite 550
$49 for PinC clients / $99 for non-clients
Continental breakfast included

This book promotes the notion that a successful leader is both blunt and empathetic and discusses how to directly challenge your staff in a constructive way. You will learn: 
  • How to build radically candid relationships with your team members.
  • How to get, give and encourage guidance.
  • Techniques for avoiding boredom and burnout on your team.
  • Why radically candid relationships will help you get the results you want.
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June 1, 2019