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Why finishing is harder
than starting
July 2012


Today, I am only going to work on tasks that end in "ing!"
  • walking (tick)
  • filing (tick) 
  • finishing (this newsletter) 
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Why finishing is harder than starting
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Lissanne Oliver  
Why finishing is harder than starting
I have to finish this newsletter, finish painting a table and finish making the bed. Why is it that it suddenly feels REALLY more attractive to Hoover the entire place and perhaps even dust?

I think the answer lies in our love of starting new things.  New homes, new jobs, new tasks, new ideas, new crocheted rugs or new collaborations.  Finishing up the old stuff can seem like a chore.

But that's just your brain playing tricks. Finishing is soooo rewarding, it provides an excellent feeling of satisfaction.  I challenge you to think of something that needs your FINAL ATTENTION, and make it happen.  You can do it!  We all can. Sometimes it's a five minute job, and even if it's not, spend five minutes towards completion. Off you go!
Lissanne Oliver

Yes, that's my Dad, Gavin, in a photo finish YES HE WON.  Nice one Gav.
Search among yourselves
Finally, our new web site is here.  It's only five months overdue :-) and like all creative projects, there's still some tweaking to do.  I won't hold you back any further! The greatest benefit is that we now have a search tool - hooray!  You can find the content you need when you need it.  If you search for something that's not there, or you have a question you'd like answered, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

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A bestseller for a reason

My book SORTED! the ultimate guide to organising your life - once and for all - has sold over 100,000 copies and I am THRILLED that it's helped so many of you. Forgive me if you already know but for those who don't you can purchase a personally signed copy at our webstore.
Lissanne Oliver
To celebrate, I am giving away four copies of my book (Valued at $22) to four lucky readers who's name starts with:

To enter, send me an email by 11:59pm (AEST) this Friday 3rd August.  Don't forget to include your postal address.  Yes, you can enter on behalf of someone else - but their name must start with H-E-L or P. All books will be custom signed.  Four winners will be chosen at random Saturday 4th August. You may enter from anywhere in the world, I will post to any part of the globe!  Good luck.
Full set of 6 comics now available

If you liked my book, you will love my series of comics - there are 6 titles in all and they're in a fun, accessible format.  Not just for kids, these comics are designed for anyone wanting to skill up on their organising, time management and decision making.
Lissanne Oliver



    • content rich
    • easy to digest
    • includes learning outcomes
    • includes worksheets
    • visually rich
    • stories based on real kids/teens
    • Suitable for ages 5+ through to adult
    • All professionally illustrated by different artists
    • Packed with tips and smart, practical strategies

This series will teach you how to be organised; the comics focus on the specific skills you need to practice.


In fact, the brilliant Pat Grant, who illustrated one of the comics, told me his life changed after working on the comic Kimi and her Clutter.

Lissanne Oliver

"Hey Liss. Just sitting in bed last night thinking about how effectively I've decluttered my life since drawing that Kimi comic. All my house mates have lives full of useless and broken crap and I just don't! Anyway. Just letting you know that you've helped another hopeless case. Hope you're well. X pat" 

Tres cool.  These comics had an impact on the artist :-)

Your set of 6 comics is waiting at our webstore for you!  For one week only, you can score $5 off by using the discount code PATGRANT when at the checkout. Full price is $33 + postage.

Lissanne Oliver

NEW! This is the entire series of organising comics from bestselling author Lissanne Oliver.


Organising is a valuable life skill that underpins success. These books will help you in your journey, and are a valuable teaching aid.


Each comics is 16 pages, printed on recycled stock with a 150gms cover, saddle stitched, finished size A5.


"Really great series. One comic made me switch off the Telly and spend 30min organising myself."
Organisationally challenged apartment owner

"A great resource." Primary school teacher

"Brilliant tips I can use and stories the kids relate to." Busy mum of three

"A fantastic resource that we can revisit."
Working mum of two boys under 7
Group Prezzie
Had a quick squizz at Group Prezzie and it looks like a sorted way to coordinate a group gift for birthdays, thank yous and farewells.  No more passing an envelope around or chasing peeps to sign the card or remind them their contribution is still oustanding. 
But wait!  There's more.
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Ok, July newsletter, I know it's now August 1st but it's still July somewhere in the world.... FINISHED!

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