Why have outpatient total hip replacement at Seaside?

Total hip replacement is a surgical procedure that has been successfully performed in the United States since the 1960s. The demand for this procedure is rising rapidly, particularly in the under 65-year-old age group who are typically still in the work force. In fact, last year approximately 400,000 Americans underwent this highly successful operation to relieve the pain of an arthritic or broken hip joint.

In a total hip replacement surgery, the surgeon will remove the damaged hip joint and replace it with a new, prosthetic hip implant. For the vast majority of hip replacement recipients, their implants should last their lifetime and will improve their quality of life by allowing for a return to previous levels of activity with little pain. The typical candidates for hip joint replacement surgery are patients experiencing hip pain who have not responded well to conservative treatment methods, such as physical therapy or pain medications.

Surgical techniques can vary greatly among different surgeons based on training, skill and experience. At Seaside Surgery Center, we have two very experienced orthopedic surgeons performing hip joint replacements using the "direct anterior approach," arguably the least invasive, most accurate technique currently available to perform hip replacement surgery. This technique lends itself well to outpatient total hip replacement as patients are up walking with full weight bearing on their new hip within an hour after surgery and go home just a few hours later. Dr. Biggs and Dr. Zehr are both experienced in the direct anterior approach technique. In fact, Dr. Zehr recently marked a milestone with his 2,000th anterior approach hip replacement.

Fewer than 5% of the nation's hip replacement surgeons are sufficiently experienced in the direct anterior approach to use it routinely. Both of our surgeons utilize the Center's Hana® table, which is currently found in only a few hospitals across the state of Florida.

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing debilitating hip pain, give us a call at 239-592-4955 or use our convenient online form to request an appointment with Dr. Biggs or Dr. Zehr.
Seaside's first total hip patient still going strong!

Don Uhlenkott was up and ready to walk 1 hour
 after total hip replacement at Seaside.
On the operating table at 7am and home by noon, Seaside Surgery patient Don Uhlenkott was the first Southwest Florida resident to experience the advantages of same-day outpatient hip replacement surgery. 

Uhlenkott is a handyman by trade and confesses he put off his surgery as long as he could. When his pain increased to where he could only work two or three hours a day before coming home to lay on a heating pad, he decided it was time for surgery. What he noticed immediately upon awakening in the recovery room was that his back pain was gone. "I think I could have run around the block!" Uhlenkott jokes.

Working with the visiting nurses and physical therapist in the comfort of his home, with his wife Crissy alongside, Uhlenkott quickly progressed from using a walker to a cane, to walking without aid by the end of the first week. "I'm going up and down ladders now, and I put up the Christmas lights," he reported.

Uhlenkott firmly believes that having his hip surgery as an outpatient and going home right away played a big part in his rapid and successful recovery. He was impressed by the facility, but even more so by the staff, and by the care and attention that not only he, but also his wife, received during the procedure. "I was really excited to be the first, to have this surgery as an outpatient. I did not want to do the hospital thing."
A 5-star experience!
"As someone who has been in many, many surgery centers, Seaside Surgery Center is by far the best. The staff is extremely wonderful, kind, and caring. You could not find a better place to go."

-Laura Weaver

"Excellent staff - very caring and concerned about my well-being. Five star!"

-Sheila Case

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