Why have so many Baltimoreans soured on Mayor Brandon Scott?

27 percent.

That was the percentage of surveyed, registered Democrats who said they would vote to re-elect Mayor Brandon Scott, according to a recent Goucher College and Baltimore Banner poll. In contrast, 39% said they would vote for challenger, Sheila Dixon.

Why have so many Baltimoreans soured on the Mayor? No, that is not a rhetorical question.

According to the same Goucher Poll, crime IS a major concern of most Baltimoreans. Almost 2/3 of voters believed the city is headed in the wrong direction, and 9 out of 10 voters agreed that crime is a major issue. You can read more about the poll HERE.

Unfortunately, some city politicians and officials have tried to make people believe that fear of crime is simply being made up by one local news outlet, but the results of the poll say otherwise. Jovani Patterson and I have met with many people who are frustrated and scared over the reality of Baltimore’s problems.

In addition, 63% of voters give the City’s public schools a grade of either a “D” or an “F.” Last week, Jovani and I unpacked a recent CBS news segment which tried to compare local funding for City and Baltimore County schools. We started the podcast after hearing from residents who are tired of being told one thing and experiencing something completely different.

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