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Why is   GOOD POSTURE  Important?

Your posture is as important as nutrition, hydration, exercise, and sleep. It promotes more energy, less stress on the body, reduced fatigue, and overall better health. Correct posture may help PREVENT health issues from occurring!

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Forward Flexed Head
  • Decreased Mobility
  • Rounded Forward Shoulders
  • Rounded Upper Back
  • Excessive Sway Back
  • Lateral and Rotational Spine Curves (Scoliosis)
It may be due to POOR POSTURE,
and it's something you can correct!

Poor posture has a major impact on Health Wellness ... no matter what age you are.  This FREE workshop will tell you how!

Are you at risk for FALLS? Poor posture may be the culprit!

Poor posture can easily make you appear up to 10+ years OLDER and up to 10+ pounds HEAVIER! 

Did you know that PHYSICAL THERAPY and YOGA (even Chair Yoga) can tremendously help your posture and decrease pain issues?  Also, did you know that Physical Therapy is covered by insurance for postural issues and pain, and no doctor's referral or prescription is required for most insurances? 

Posture can be improved AT ANY AGE 

At Foundation Therapy Center, our physical therapists are experts in assessing postural abnormalities. We will develop an individualized protocol to improve posture, decrease back, neck and joint pain, and improve overall health. Additionally, we offer individual and group therapeutic yoga to address postural issues and improve alignment.

Join us for this Posture Workshop  Oct. 13 at 2 pm at Foundation Therapy Center - Sandy Springs.  It's FREE! 
This workshop, and your improved posture may impact your life in ways you didn't know possible!   RSVP:  770-673-0093

Read  "Success Stories"  by valued clients who share how their health, wellness, and quality of life has been improved by services received at Foundation Therapy Center!

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