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Work Family Resource Center (WFRC) is a  501(c) 3 non-profit child care resource and referral agency committed 
to providing consumer education, child care referrals 
and resources to support quality child care.


Why is it Important to Continue a Consistent Sleeping Schedule During the Summer?

It's important to keep a consistent sleeping schedule for children because it's important to their development. In the summertime, it may be tempting to allow your child to go to bed later but that's not necessarily a good thing. In fact, enforcing habits like going to bed earlier can improve your child's behavior. This habit alone can help your child get along better with other children and reduce their chances of acting out. Keeping a bedtime routine and making sure your child is still going to bed at a decent time are two ways to continue their sleeping schedule into the summer.

Things You Should Know About Firework Safety. 


Fourth of July is arriving soon!  Remember that fireworks can be hazardous to children. Activities like sparklers can get up to 2,000 degrees in temperature and increases the chance of an injury.  That's why it's important to follow safety measures:

  • Never leave children alone with fireworks.
  • Give yourself enough time to escape after lighting a firework.
  • Keep a bucket of water near.
  • Never relight fireworks that didn't light.

Check out five alternatives to fireworks here.

Check It Out! 
Learn how to protect your child from swimming hazards this summer.



Job Help! 

Looking for Child Care?

If you need help finding child care in Alleghany, Ashe, Davie, Davidson, Forsyth, Stokes, Surry, Wilkes and Yadkin counties, call our office at 761-5100 and ask to speak with a Parent Specialist.

The Parent Specialists have strong child development backgrounds; either experience, education or both. They will share information about the guidelines governing child care facilities in North Carolina, help you determine what you should look for when selecting a child care facility and provide referrals to child care centers that may be near their home or on their route to work. They can also answer questions that range from the developmental stages of children or how to build relationships with child care providers. They can also tell you about local options to help you pay for child care.

Child care information and referrals are also available on our website at