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Vol. 4, Issue 3  (April 24/14)
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Why is recruitment challenging for Hamilton employers?

  graphic-business-woman.jpgThe results of Workforce Planning Hamilton's 2014 Hire Learning Survey show that the majority of Hamilton employers find recruitment to be somewhat challenging.
Reasons include: too few qualified candidates, too many unqualified applicants applying, and non-competitive wages.
Hamilton as a hub for Ontario's life sciences sector:  
biomedical engineering research centre proposed for Hamilton
The Ontario government announced it will give $4 million for a high-tech biomedical engineering research centre to be housed in McMaster Innovation Park. While the centre still requires another $12 million in funding, when complete it is expected to create up to 100 jobs.
Internships get bad press, but can be useful for youth, newcomers, and those in career transition
young-woman-laptop.jpg To intern, or not to intern? Recently, this has become a much-debated issue with experts, interns and employers weighing in on the pros and cons. Many of the featured stories in the media appear to focus on young, unpaid interns who have had less-than-savoury experiences. 
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