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MSU Agriculture and Natural Resource Communication
 Research Technician  
The technician will participate in ecological and soil science research investigating effects of wildfire and soil amendments on soil and vegetation. The majority of work will take place in the Department of Forestry on the MSU campus, with seasonal and weather-dependent work at MSU's Tree Research Center and various field sites. Responsibilities include collecting soil, harvesting plants, measuring and weighing plant and soil samples, processing samples (sorting, milling, labeling), recording data, and data entry. Depending on experience, there will be opportunity for data summary and analysis, contributing to project reports (depending on skill and interest), and other tasks involved with sample flow and record-keeping. Work will take place in a laboratory and occasional field sites. Laboratory safety training and training in the use of laboratory equipment will be provided. The position is available immediately. Hours may be flexible if arranged in advance. The technician will be supervised by Dr. Jessica Miesel in the Department of Forestry.

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MSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
 Technical Aide 


This position will be as an assistant to Dr. Joan Rose to address several large projects including organizing papers and working with Global Water Pathogens Project and the Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment (CAMRA) web site. These are large collaborative research projects headquartered at Michigan State University. The ideal candidate will be able to work on organizing information and papers as well as assisting with content for a web site. The candidate will be a student with experience in microbiology or biology with excel and/or website organization skills. The appointee will have a work station at the Manly Miles Building on campus at MSU and be supervised by a research staff member with the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.


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MSU Student-Athlete Support Services
Academic Tutor   


Student-Athlete Support Services is now accepting few applications for academic tutors for the Fall 2014 semester and several applications for the Spring 2015 semester. All MSU majors and courses are needed. Tutors are required to have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and must have received at least a 3.0 in any course that they would like to tutor. Tutors are required to be available to work a minimum of 6 hours per week including day and evening hours. Schedules are very flexible with most tutoring taking place between the hours of 8:00am-3:00pm Mon-Fri, 6:30pm-9:30pm Mon-Thurs, and 6:30pm-9:30pm on Sundays. Evening hours from 6:30-9:30 pm are REQUIRED. Pay ranges between $7.00-$10.00 hourly depending upon level of education and experience.
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October 27th-November 9th
Ever heard of it?! LinkedIn is an online social network for the professional world! 
I'm sure you are thinking.. I'm in college I don't need a LinkedIn yet, I don't even have a job. Well that is WRONG! Everyone should have LinkedIn profile and here are 5 ways that it will help YOU as a college student...

1. Getting Job Email Alerts
After you have made a profile, you can receive alerts of jobs that are recommended for you!

2. Connecting with Professionals
You will be surprised to find out how many professionals are actually using LinkedIn and prefer this as their main way of connecting with people. NETWORKING is key to being successful in the professional world. 

3. Conducting Company Research 
This is one of the biggest benefits for college students! You can check out the pages of targeted employers or they can see your profile. By visiting the company page, you can research more about the company before career fairs, to prepare for interviews, or even to help you write a cover letter! Stay ahead of the competition and do some research before you go job hunting.

4. Letting Companies Find You 
Company recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn! So if your profile is detailed and professional, you might attract attention from a recruiter. By just making a profile, your dream job might come to YOU!

5. Finding an International Job
LinkedIn is GLOBAL! Normally it would be hard to find an overseas opportunity, but LinkedIn makes the world a lot smaller. You can connect with companies all over the globe and network.

BE PROACTIVE! It is never too early to start networking in the professional world. You can stay ahead of the competition by creating a LinkedIn profile and it will help you land the job of your dreams! 

Drop In Times!
The Center is BACK with a new location and drop in times! 

Come in and get your resume perfected for the career fairs this fall! Or get some tips for your interviews that you will get after going to the career fairs on campus! Or maybe you just have questions about MySpartanCareer or how to start job searching.

Monday: 9:00 AM-Noon
Tuesday: 3:00 PM-7:00 PM
Wednesday: 2:30 PM-5:00 PM
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Engineering Your Resume 
November 5th 6:00 PM-7:00 PM
1145 Engineering Building
This Resume Workshop will cover the topics of creating a dynamic resume and using triggers to help you stand out from the rest! If you do not have a resume before the session, we hope that you will gain the necessary information to have a draft created by the end of the evening!

Gearing Up for an Interview 
November 5th 7:00 PM-8:00 PM
1145 Engineering Building 
Interviews, networking events, connecting through LinkedIn, and general interaction with employers can be pretty nerve-wrecking! How do you prepare? What questions do you ask? What should you say about yourself? HAll these questions (and many more!) will be asked, answered, and executed at this Interviewing Workshop!


MYSPARTANCAREER! Ever heard of it? 

This is the place where companies go when they want to hire SPARTANS! Go to MySpartanCareer to see job postings, check out workshops, or even special events that are happening on campus. You can search jobs according to your major! There are full time, part time and internship opportunities available. All you have to do is upload your resume and you are ready to start job searching. 


Career Highlight
Plant Pathology
Do you like food? Well plant pathologists make sure you get it! They study diseases and then find ways to make plants healthy again as well as preventative measures to make sure other plants don't get sick. They are like doctors for plants! So basically plant pathologists are super important. Here are some ideas on career paths with a plant pathology major!
  • Graduate School
  • Seed and Plant Production companies
  • Diagnostic Laboratories 
  • Biological Control Centers
  • USDA or EPA
  • Public Policy firm
Now that plant pathology has your attention, here are some skills and strategies to help guide you. The most important thing is to gain EXPERIENCE! Get involved in a laboratory experience while you are on campus. Network with your professors and make connections! You never know what kind of opportunities will arise. During your undergraduate years, get an INTERNSHIP!!!! To do this, attend career fairs on campus and search MySpartanCareer for internship opportunities. Here is a cool company to check out for an amazing summer experience...
DuPont Pioneer 

DuPont Agriculture offerings bring innovative science and solutions to meet the challenges faced by farmers today and into the future.In agriculture, succeeding for our customers means growing a healthy, marketable and profitable crop. For DuPont, it means something bigger: feeding the world sustainably. Our mission is to deliver agricultural products from seeds to crop protection to deliver higher crop yields and more nutritious foods. We believe that by working together with our customers, we can find better ways to improve the quantity, quality and sustainability of the world's food supply.

DuPont Pioneer has many internships available on MySpartanCareer!! They aren't only for plant pathology majors, they are for all kinds of science disciplines!! Here are some of the areas available..

Most of the internships DuPont offers are RESEARCH positions, which would be a perfect fit for ANY Briggs major. They have TWELVE available and want to hire Spartans!!!  To apply to any of these internships, just go to and search DuPont Pioneer to browse their AMAZING summer internships. 
Volunteer Opportunities
Looking for Volunteer Opportunities in the Lansing area?!
Are you interesting in giving your resume a little boost? Or maybe you just want to get involved in something that you are passionate about? Here is a cool idea..

East Lansing Film Festival
November 6th-14th

Do you like movies?! Well this is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!! ELFF is looking for volunteers to put on the coolest event in Mid-Michigan. They are looking for energetic people to help promote the festival by distributing posters and programs throughout the area in October. Tickets to festival films will be given in exchange for the help. They are also looking for people to help with ushering, ticket-taking, box office, concessions, or set up/take down the week of the festival! 
If you are interested, go to to get started!