We Care Packages for Giving Tuesday
Last year for Giving Tuesday, SAGE held a Giving Salad Day fundraiser. The response was so good; we were able to start delivering fresh salads to our Meals on Wheels clients on a regular basis.

This year, with the temporary closing of our Spend-A-Day program, we turn our focus to our Spend-A-Day friends who have been missing SAGE since March. A large percentage of these people suffer from cognitive impairments as well as physical challenges. For many, the hardest part of our temporary closure is the isolation and loneliness they're experiencing since the pandemic began. Our telehealth program has been a big help in easing that and allowing those in Spend-A-Day to stay connected to SAGE.

We Care Packages would be a great way to help between telehealth calls or when a caregiver needs a much needed respite. The Spend-A-Day team researched robotics, cognitive manipulatives and therapeutic activities. The team put together a list of items they think would be well received. A sampling of the products include: Simpl Dimpl Fidget Toy, clutching bags, multi-sensory balls, sewing cards, matching games, word games and more.

We're asking for your help to purchase these items. A $100 donation would pay for (5)
We Care Packages. We know now is a very difficult time for everyone; your donation (any amount you are comfortable with) is greatly appreciated.

Please consider donating HERE today. Thank you.
The Spirit of Giving With Bumbles Dolls
In the spirit of giving we'd like to share this story
of Max Loeffler and his act of kindness to SAGE
Some SAGE clients got a special gift recently: a handmade Bumbles Doll. Bumbles were created in 2014 by Max Loeffler of Summit when he was 17-years-old. The dolls were inspired by Max's sister who was hospitalized for an extended period of time. According to Max, his sister had a favorite doll she carried everywhere - at home and the hospital. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, she loved it so much, she hugged his eyes ears and nose away. Bumbles don't have those features either.

The introduction to SAGE came from Loeffler’s grandfather, who is a SAGE Meals on Wheels client. “SAGE has had such a big impact on the community,” Loeffler said. “It felt good to give back, especially during COVID-19.” Dozens of dolls were given out to Meals on Wheels and Spend-A-Day participants. They were a special and much appreciated gift, especially to those living alone.

Since it began, Bumbles has collaborated with well known brands, such as Prada, and delivered to many nonprofits including: NJ Institute of Disabilities, Ronald McDonald House, Fort Bragg (special camouflage fabric had been donated), Overlook Foundation and Bonds of Courage. Close to 2000 dolls have been donated in the last six years. Loeffler said he is so busy, Bumbles is his full time job. His mother, siblings, and various volunteers, have helped over the years to scout fabric, sew dolls and make deliveries.

“We are so grateful that Max chose SAGE as a nonprofit to donate to,” said SAGE Interim Director, Marianne Kranz. “The look on the faces of our clients when the Bumbles were delivered was priceless. We thank Max and his family for their support and commitment to helping others.”

To learn more about Bumbles Dolls visit: Bumblesdolls.com
Max Loeffler
"Only by giving are you able to receive
more than you already have."
- Jim Rohn