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Issue: # 19
May 23,  2017

Kick the Worry Habit

Today's newsletter is on WORRY. If you are one of these people who rarely worries, then this newsletter is not for you.  But if you happen to fall into the other category (perhaps 99% of the population) please take a few moments to read this article. Who knows? You may re-consider hanging on to such a worrisome (pun intended) habit.

I began writing this newsletter from a more  traditional approach about worry --
don't worry be happy; you can't worry and love at the same time ; worry drains your energy;  worry is focusing on the future rather than being in the present -- but as I wrestled with this topic, it morphed into what appears below.  I am not a physicist, but I have been poking around the quantum universe and manifestation literature for quite some time. See what I created below. I hope it sparks something in you.

The sources for this newsletter are many: Michael Singer, Jeddah Mali, Eckart Tolle, Angeles Arrien, Greg Kuhn, Lynne McTaggart, to name a few.

Core (and Simplified) Ideas to Consider

1.  We live in a Quantum Universe.

What does that mean?

2. "The entire universe is actually an unformed field of energy..." is everywhere all at once, it is endless and uncontained, and it can become, literally, anything."* As I mentioned last newsletter, Lynne McTaggart calls it "unformed jello".

3."...the quantum field is a mass of energy with the potential to form anything: you, me, trees, clouds, automobiles, toy soldiers, dental floss, planets, whales, etc. (literally, everything you see and encounter in the material world)."*

Why are #1-3 important? 

( After all, Brady, most of us are not quantum scientists and could care less about such theories.  We have other practical things in life to focus our thought and attention on: the out-of-control dandelions growing in our backyard, our  children, the mortgage, taking exams, caring for elderly parents, cleaning the basement, the demands of our job, finding a new house,  checking e-mail and twitter, trying to decide what in the heck we will have for dinner, struggling with illness, etc.)

 (And btw, this newsletter was supposed to be about worry, right? Why are you focusing on the quantum universe??????)

4. The paragraphs #1-#3 should be important to you and relevant to worry, because they point to something fundamental about our existence here on Earth: The material world does not pre-exist.


5. It turns out that as we humans put our attention or thoughts on "x", "y", "z", we are creating our material world. Scientists call this "observation". As we observe ( through our conscious and often unconscious thought) the sub-atomic particles in the quantum field coalesce and become something material and concrete.* We are not passive by-standers of the world, we are partners with the Quantum Universe, co-creating, until our time here on Earth is done.

Kind of mind blowing, don't you think?

6. So.......where does worry fit into all of this?

 Drum Roll: Worry is thinking about what you don't want, in a Quantum Universe, where our thoughts are creating our world.  As a creator, why would you want to do that?


7.  Now what?

*From book: Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail

 Practical tools to kick the worry habit

So now that you've discovered, along with me, that worry is seeding the Quantum Field with the very things you don't want,
do you want to continue to engage in this practice?   If not, here are some practical and powerful tools that can help you kick the worry habit.

 1.  Notice when you are worrying. The first step in all change is awareness.  You might even jot down the worry thoughts that keep arising, as there are undoubtedly repetitive patterns unique to you. Knowing what your mind is up to is very powerful work. Do not underestimate it!   

2.  You might even notice how it feels in your body to worry. Perhaps heavy, aching, nauseous, tight? The body is often the messenger that we have moved to the negative state of worry. 

3.  Learn and use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to reduce your worry habit. My website (click on EFT link below) has an explanation of this very useful modality. As the EFT founder, Gary Craig, has said repeatedly: Use it on Everything!

4.  The heart is a powerful force to use when worry shows up as an uninvited guest. The basic idea is to move your awareness and your breath to the heart, recall a positive, loving memory or focus on a person you care about, or a feeling like gratitude or appreciation,  and as you do this the body/mind moves out of worry and into coherence.

5. Create a list of conscious thoughts that will support you and seed the Quantum Universe. Remind yourself of these thoughts throughout your day. Don't worry (pun intended) if you forget, just get back on the horse when you do remember. All of us on the path forget.

Some examples are:

I am okay.
Life is good.
I can relax and enjoy my life.
Thank God I am not in charge of everything or anything!
I can trust myself.
Sometimes I make mistakes and sometimes I don't.
Life is an adventure.
I don't have all the answers. I don't have to.
I am a channel for good in this world.
I live in an abundant universe, and I am open to receive.
I say yes to life.
I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of ever-changing life.
I embrace all the good that is here & coming to me now and in the future.
I trust my inner wisdom.

Louise Hay is an excellent resource for collecting new non-worry thoughts and beliefs. 



For those readers who  managed to get to the end of this newsletter, I leave you with the idea below, which is not about worry per se but is related. That is, it is vitally important to choose our thoughts, as co-creators in the Quantum Universe,  wisely

Our thoughts, not only impact our own life, but are our personal contribution to Life here on Earth.

If we engage in hateful, violent, fearful, ugly thoughts against others and ourselves, this is our contribution to the life here on Earth. The wiser and more loving our thoughts, and as more and more people understand this, the Quantum Universe where we all live, will respond.



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