Leaves can suffocate and kill a lawn if they're not removed. There's a better way to remove leaves this fall. Find out how.
Knowledge for Life e-News          November 2016
The holidays are approaching and this year's lawn and garden season is coming to an end. Did you fertilize the yard one last time? Clearing out garden debris and leaves prevents problems next year. We offer how-to tips. We also show how you can stay warm in winter, AND save energy and money. 
Keeping Warm in Winter
With cold weather and darker days creeping in, it’s no wonder we often choose to stay huddled on the couch, watching TV and munching on snack foods. But here are healthier — and warmer — ways to cope with the cold.
12 Ways to Save Energy and Money
Use these energy saving tips to save money, then use those savings to boost your emergency savings fund, or to make an extra payment on credit card or student loan debt. Money ‘saved’ not purchasing something — in this case, energy — isn’t actually saved unless it's moved to a savings instrument, such as an emergency fund, or to pay down debt.  

Friday, November 4
Valeria Edwards Retirement Party
Saturday, November 12
Hispanic Entrepreneurs Expo — Achieving Your American Dream
The 2nd Annual Hispanic Entrepreneurs Expo will include a number of educational workshops. It is free and includes lunch, but registration is required.

Mulch Mowing Fall Leaves
Fall leaves can smother a lawn. Removing them with your lawn mower is easier than raking. Mulch mowing is basically what it sounds like. The leaves are mown back into the turf and turned into mulch-like material that is returned to the soil. If you'd like to punt the rake this year, here's how.

Fertilize KC Cool Season Lawns One Last Time Before Winter
Before calling it quits for the year, there is one last important lawn chore left to perform — fertilization. November fertilization is one of the most important yearly applications to a bluegrass or tall fescue lawn. If you reseeded in September newly germinated grass needs to be fed.

When's the Best Time to Clean Up the Garden Bed?
Should you clean up garden debris in the fall or the spring? There are advantages to each season. Take a look at the pros and cons. Then you can decide for yourself.

Fall Vegetable Clean Up
Several disease-causing bacteria and fungi over-winter on plant debris and can cause diseases the following growing season. Fight back. Remove all plant material from the garden.

AG Producers: Fall is a Good Time to Take Soil Tests
Once fall crops are off the field, November is a good time to take a soil test. With fields clear of vegetation, it makes running over acreage a lot easier to take multiple samples out of a field. Check out our sampling information for more details and how to receive up to 10 routine samples free.

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