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March 2017
Remember when you were a child how easy it was to play? Did you know playing is one of the most essential activities babies do? At a certain point in their first year you can see the "light bulb" go on in their brains.The experiences babies have during play help strengthen and expand networks of connections in their developing brains. Find out what babies learn while playing and why it's so important.

Spring is coming. The days are getting longer. And we grow anxious to get outside. In this issue we also feature articles on spring lawn and garden tips, and for Johnson County small acreage owners. Enjoy!
Play for a Better Brain for Baby
Play is essential to the development of babies' brains. Find out what babies learn when playing and what you can do.
Living a Rich Life
It takes more than money to live a “rich life.” Consider how you would like to spend your time and money during retirement.  Learn how to live richer at the  Retirement Planning Today workshop.
Saturday, April 1
Healthy Yards Expo
This FREE earth-friendly lawn and garden event can help you make greener choices for your yard and home.
  • Register for door prizes
  • Get free tree seedlings and native plants
  • Attend free seminars
  • Visit with green vendors
  • Free puppet shows for the kids!

Come get simple and easy tips to achieve a nice yard while maintaining clean water, air and healthy soils.

March 1
Gardening Hotline Opens
When do I prune hydrangeas? Do I need crabgrass control?

Extension Master Gardeners are available to answer all your lawn and garden questions.
How to Prune Evergreens
It's not as simple as whacking them back. If not done properly pruning evergreens can expose dead zones which will never recover. Here's the simple how-to for pruning evergreens.
Time to plant
Growing Potatoes
Home-grown potatoes have more flavor than any potato ever purchased at the grocery store. Potatoes can be planted any time from mid- to late-March here in KC. We list varieties for our region and simple tips for planting success.
Free Soil Testing in Johnson County
Crave that spring green? It all starts with a soil test! JoCo residents get one per household. You'll get a personalized recommendation based on lab results from Kansas State University. Have you tested your soil yet?
Improve Pasture Grass Germination with a Seed Drill
Broadcasting cool season grasses reduces germination and establishment. A no-till grass drill places the seed in direct contact with the soil and at the correct depth. Rent a seed drill from Extension.
Managing Brome and Fescue in Spring
Two common calls we get each spring concern brome and fescue; When should you burn and fertilize? Here are the recommendations for our area.
Kansas Custom Rates 2016
Do you contract out to have your pasture mowed? What about wheat harvest? Here's how to determine the going rate when it comes to negotiating price.
Free Tax Preparation Until April 15
The county's Sunset Drive Office Building is hosting a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site. Are you eligible?

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