Saturday, March 2, 2019

Wind and solar just can't live up to our expectations. The greenest deal of all is nuclear, says longtime environmentalist Michael Shellenberger.

At an annual conference, classical studies scholar discovers that her idea of a discussion differs from those with progressive ideas.

Why do many modern feminists focus on less serious sexual transgressions at the expense of the unspeakable brutality that needs attention?

Feminist writer Meghan Murphy on the arbitrary morality of Twitter and how and why she's fighting back.

Martina Navratilova is one of many questioning the rules for transgender athletes being instituted by sport organizations, including the International Olympic Committee.

A handful of societal changes, including social media and an electorate with unrealistic expectations, are moving liberal democracy onto shaky ground.

Is the growing populist movement within the Democratic Party overly focussed on inequality in its own backyard?

Is the world just to complicated to expect a very few to know how best to help a great many?
"I used to think that dealing with climate change was going to be expensive. But I could no longer believe this after looking at Germany and France. Germany’s carbon emissions have been flat since 2009, despite an investment of $580 billion by 2025 in a renewables-heavy electrical grid, a 50 percent rise in electricity cost. Meanwhile, France produces one-tenth the carbon emissions per unit of electricity as Germany and pays little more than half for its electricity. How? Through nuclear power."

Trump was over the moon

For his buddy Kim Jong Un...

Quillette Podcast - E  pisode 19

Marietta College assistant psychology professor Bo Winegard discusses three of his Quillette articles.
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It's tempting to close ranks and demonize those we don't agree with, but it's no way to true understanding.

A Canadian writer worries about a growing literary culture in which fictional LGBT narrators who don't speak sufficiently woke wisdom are dismissed and their creators shunned.

In an excerpt from her book, author and educator Irshad Manji asks, what if we truly listened to the people behind the ideas we dislike most?

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