Upside Down Indoor Triathlon
Here's a scenario. It's January 1, 2019 and you haven't spent a single minute thinking about your new year's resolution. It's an arbitrary date you tell yourself, it doesn't matter. But soon you see your friends setting their new year's resolution and you feel pressured to at least pick something.

Without much thinking you choose something related to fitness, because none of us are ever really satisfied with where we want to be related to fitness--there's always room for improvement, right?

Here's the problem-- when you don't spend much time thinking about your resolution, it doesn't mean much to you and there's very little chance you'll actually stick with it.

So we have a challenge for you.

Start thinking NOW about your new year's resolution. Once you've selected a resolution, spend some time asking yourself why that goal is important. And when you have your why figured out next ask why your why is important.

Here's an example: I will lose 20 pounds in 2019. Why? Because I want to be healthier. But why is this why important? I want to be healthier because I want to ensure I'm here to see my grandchildren get married. Now that's a why! Take it step further: Why do I want to see my grandchildren get married? Because I want to leave a lasting legacy for the next generation.

You get the idea.

Knowing the why behind your goals is a much more productive way to ensure your motivation continues all year long.

As we all know, there are dozens of things you can do to help accomplish your resolution this year. So don't just sign up for the the first diet, race, or membership to cross your mind simply because it's vaguely related to your new year's resolution--make sure it's part of your why.

  • If pushing yourself to new limits so that you can prove to yourself how tough you are is part of your why, this race might be for you.
  • If trying something new so that you learn what excites you most in life is part of your why, this event might be for you.
  • If mixing up your fitness routine so that you don't lose motivation two months in this year is part of your why, this race might be for you.

The Upside Down Indoor Triathlon is more than a race. It's about proving you can do whatever you set your mind to in 2019.

If that sounds enticing to you, then spend some time in the next few weeks setting your new year's resolution and then sign up for the triathlon, but only if it will help you accomplish your resolution and your why.

It's a great way to kick-start the new year. And the best part is, your training will start now. Who says you have to wait until January 1 to start accomplishing your goals. Get after it now!
U pside Down Indoor Triathlon

When : Saturday or Sunday, January 19 or 20 (choose which date is best for you) First wave starts at 7 a.m.

Where : The Pointe at Ballwin Commons

Fee: VIP/Reg $30

Ages : 8+

Registration : Register online or in person at The Pointe at Ballwin Commons.

Last Year's Results: Click here
The 2018 Ballwin Race Series wrapped up with the Moonlight Howl 5K on November 2. And recently the top ten male and female overall winners for 2018 received their prizes.

Men Overall Winners:
Dan Luna - 1st
Darryl Holman - 2nd
Eric Trost - 3rd
Cole Voigt - 4th
Gerald Watson - 5th
Li-Ming Yin - 6th
Charles Kaiser - 7th
Rick Barker - 8th
Kurt Lage - 9th
Ian Landrum - 10th

Women Overall Winners:
Lucy Hey - 1st
Susannah Gill - 2nd
Kathryn Henderson - 3rd
Niccole Douglas - 4th
Amanda Dickey - 5th
Li-Ming Yin - 6th
Madison Bode - 7th
Abby Bridges - 8th
Laura Kaiser - 9th
Tia Schoth - 10th

Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for another great year of racing in Ballwin! 

2019 Ballwin Race Series

Saturday, January 19 or Sunday, January 20

Sunday, April 14

Sunday, June 9

Sunday, July 21 (corrected date, previously published as July 14)

Sunday, August 11

Sunday, September 15

Friday, October 25
As always, a portion of each race entry benefits the Ballwin Parks and Recreation Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the program is to ensure more kids get to enjoy the great amenities and programs offered in Ballwin regardless of their financial limitations. Thank you for registering and supporting this great cause!