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Students talk about bullying with LCS.  

Our School Counseling Program launched 
#IAMSTRONGER, a Kindness Initiative, the last week of April in 6 of our schools. Counselors, students and teachers are discussing the impact of hurtful words and bullying. Students are learning the power of kindness and that they are STRONGER than any hurtful words or actions. Participating students and staff members have
received #IAMSTRONGER bracelets to remind them they are stronger..and to choose kindness.  

Join our #IAMSTRONGER movement by purchasing a bracelet for a $5.00 donation and use the #IAMSTRONGER hashtag in your May social media posts! All proceeds go directly to support our school programming

Play therapy reconnects, heals.
Tracy Kristoff, MA, MFT, RPT 

Neuroscientist, biologists, and developmental psychologists all agree that animals were created with the innate sense to play. Play is essential for the developing brain. Play forms neural networks that create a foundation for life-long learning and curiosity. Stuart Brown, M.D., founder of the National Play Institute, believes that, "Work is not the opposite of play. Depression is the opposite of play".   Play helps us creatively solve problems, facilitate connections, build mastery, and develop resilience. In play, we learn how to control our emotions and become less reactive to stressful situations.

As a Play Therapist, I use play as a way to help children and families reconnect and heal through difficult situations...
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Rick Armstrong, LCS Executive Director

A few months ago, I was asked to accompany a group of teachers to Haiti in order to provide workshops on Crisis Management and Understanding Stress at a Conference for Christian School Teachers. I have to admit that when I was originally asked I looked for reasons why I couldn't go -- rather than being open to allowing the process to define how I might be used to help those in need. See more.

May is Mental Health Month.

1 in 5 Americans will face a mental health condition in their lifetime. Every single American will be impacted by mental health issues as family members and friends face these challenges. If you need assistance or you know someone who does, please contact us.

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