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July 2013 - In This Issue:
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Audrey Offers Specialized Massages at ilumina Healing Sanctuary

By: Audrey Blanchard

Audrey- Massage

          As a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1998, Audrey

has a strong background in Clinical Massage Therapy and has geared her practice towards Women's Health from preconception to postpartum for the past ten years. 

     Since joining the team at ilumina Healing Sanctuary in 2008, Audrey has continued her education in the Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy by becoming a Certified Practitioner. She is one of only a handful of practitioners here in Arizona to receive certification, which involves taking a total of 80 Continuing Education Credits and completing a minimum of 25 case studies documenting treatment and outcomes for clients seeking treatment for infertility, including endometriosis, retroverted/tilted uterus, and pelvic congestion/pain; scar tissue reduction/pain from previous abdominal surgery or c-section, and digestive disorders such as chronic constipation and acid reflux/GERD. In addition, Audrey has extensive experience in prenatal massage and enjoys teaching new parents the benefits of infant massage for their newborns.

                     Audrey is available Monday through Saturday and can customize your Massage Therapy session from a 30 minute massage targeted to a specific condition or 60 to 90 minutes for a deeper tissue massage or Mayan Abdominal Therapy including instructions for self care to enhance the benefits received in our office. With her strong, intuitive hands and caring demeanor, many of Audrey's clients leave our office saying "that was the best massage ever!"


Wellness Boutique Featured Product
Southern Ban Lan Gen Chong Ji

by: Kendra Szabo
     Southern Ban Lan Gen Chong Ji is an herbal beverage popular in China for its incredible health benefits. This drink is made of Southern Isatis root, dandelion herbs and viola herbs, giving it the reputation it has as an antiviral and antibacterial. It is sold as herbal packets that come presweetened and dissolve completely in a cup of hot water. 
     In the office here at ilumina Healing Sanctuary, we certain drink a cup of two of this healthy herbal drink at any sign of illness.
     The best part? It's inexpensive.  
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 Summer Massage Special


Treat yourself or someone else to a massage this summer.  Purchase a bundle of three massages for a discounted rate of $225.  That is a $10 savings per massage.  You can use all three or give one away.  There is a limit to 2 bundles purchased per person and the massages must be received by October 31.  This is a great opportunity to start a healthy habit.




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Top 10 Things That Make ilumina Special
By: Dana Price
dana at table
1) From the minute you call or walk in the door you are greeted with kindness and care.

2) We have created a warm, tranquil and eco-friendly clinic that allows for ultimate relaxation and

3) We truly care about our patients and conduct business openly with honesty and integrity.

4) We keep the clinic clean and sanitized only using presteri
lized single-use needles which get incinerated after use.

5) Our practitioners each have over 15 years clinical experience thus have the wisdom and knowledge to effectively treat many disorders. 

6) Our practitioners are highly trained in their respected fields and keep up with new research and current events.

7) We believe that effective care involves the integration of Chinese medicine with Western biomedicine.

8) We have collaborative relationships with physicians and have an extensive network of cross referrals.

9) Our practitioners are leaders in the field and have the experience of: sitting on state and national boards, conducting research, being published authors, teaching in leading educational 
institutions, and lecturing at national conferences. 

10) We are the clinic that other acupuncturists refer their high risk and complex patients to.

Practitioners At ilumina Healing Sanctuary are highly educated
By: Catherine Travis

The minimum training our acupuncturists at ilumina Healing Sanctuary have:
  • Master's degree from an accredited college
  • 1850-3344 Hours in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  Passing the National Certification Commission
  • Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine exams and Clean Needle Technique Certification

Oriental Medicine Courses:

  • Chinese Medical theory and diagnosis
  • Acupuncture point location and therapeutics, including Ashi/trigger points. 400 pointsindications and functions
  • Shiatsu-Japanese acupressure
  • Tuina-Chinese Medical massage
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Therapeutic exercises:  Qigong and Taiji

Western Science Courses:

  • Anatomy/Physiology
  • Pathology & Clinical Diagnoses
  • Living Anatomy, Cadaver Lab
  • Western Pharmacology
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Psychology

Professional Development:

  • Learning to partner with patients and their providers to offer optimal care
  • 800 hours of Clinical Experience, integrating knowledge and acupuncture skills in a supervised clinical learning environment
  • Continuing Education required for keeping acupuncture license active

*The NCCAOM, established in 1982, is a non-profit organization in acupuncture and Oriental medicine for the protection and benefit of the public.


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