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Here_s why farmers are still skeptical about organic
Why farmers haven't boarded organics' bandwagon
The world cannot afford to move toward the future without organic farming, says the Organic Consumers Association. But so far, OCA's stated goal of converting 30 percent of American agriculture to organic by last year has fallen short--by about 30-fold. Why aren't farmers playing along? A couple of recent studies give some meaningful indications.
Can your food concerns predict your presidential candidate?
Do your food concerns pick your candidate?
As part of his monthly consumer surveying about food choices and food concerns, Oklahoma State ag economist Jayson Lusk tried a fun experiment, matching consumers' choices in presidential candidate to their level of concern about food issues. How do your choices match up? Take this quick visual self-assessment to compare.
Why consumers visit the farmers market
Farmers markets--is more better?
Questioning the notion that accessibility really affects consumers' participation in the growing farm-to-consumer marketing channel, a pair of economists surveyed nearly 1,600 local-food shoppers to test the theory that more farmers markets, U-picks and roadside stands within an area equals more sales through those channels. Here's what they found, along with some inferred results grocers can use when competing with this segment.
How do kids consume fruit?
Flickr/National Museum of American History Smithsonian. Some rights reserved. Used under CC BY 2.0.
What do kids want from the produce aisle?
Fruit, we are told, is the key to protecting our children from obesity and diabetes. Yet we know from previous national estimates that only four in 10 kids get that recommended amount. Now, new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests they may not be eating it in the healthiest form, as well. Here's some results.
Nebraska_s mushroom farmer
Photo: Jesse Harding/Rural Radio Network. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Grand Island's most successful fungi-culturalist
Looking for a little something new in his career, Grand Island's Ashley Gordon followed a personal interest to start Nebraska Mushrooms in 2011. His passion has expanded into a business raising a local source of the fungal delicacies.

City or country, this defines 'good neighbor'
It takes a good Nebraska snowstorm to bring out the good neighbor in us all, as this wheelchair-bound Iraq-war veteran demonstrated in his Omaha neighborhood.
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