PPACA Update:
Why the GOP Senate bill WILL NOT lower your insurance premiums


We initially wrote a informational piece that compared/contrasted the GOP House bill with the GOP Senate bill.  In this piece, we told you exactly what each bill was aiming to do (good and bad) and what you should know as a consumer.  We told you what the impact of the Senate bill would be and how you could best prepare for it.

We deleted it...

We deleted it because, as it stands today, the Senate is continuing to refer to their bill as a "Repeal" - which it most certainly is not.

We deleted it because, as it stands today, the Senate bill maintains the one component of PPACA that is responsible for the roughly 90% increase in your insurance premiums since January, 2014.

We deleted it because, as it stands today, your insurance premiums in the the great state of Michigan will be going up by double digits in 2018 - for the second year in a row

We deleted it because we would rather tell you about what your alternatives are then tell you how your Federal government has, once again, failed to deliver on promise they have been making since 2010.

Alternative to PPACA Health Insurance

Insider Secret:  Health insurance premiums will never go down as long as the carriers are required to take anyone, regardless of health history, be forced to cover their claims regardless of how long they choose to stay on their insurance, and not have the ability to modify their premiums.  We have been saying this for over 5 years now - consider the following:
  • What would happen to your car insurance rates if you could get it after you totaled your car?
  • What would happen to your home owners insurance rates if you could get it after you home was on fire?
  • What would happen to your life insurance rates if you could get it after you got diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition?
It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that insurance premiums would go through the roof in all of these scenarios.  Given the fact that the current Senate bill to "revise" PPACA maintains this component, your health insurance premiums will continue to go up for the foreseeable future.  That being said, we have an alternative for you to consider...

There is an alternative solution to individual health insurance which costs, on average, 30% to 50% less (for this year) and provides incentive for maintaining a health lifestyle - it's called a Medical Sharing Ministry (MSM) program.  We have vetted a number of these options and have partnered with one that offers access to a nationwide PPO network and 1st dollar coverage for preventive maintenance, doctor visits, urgent care, labs, and x-rays.  In addition to all of this, you are protected from paying the PPACA individual mandate penalty!

If you are interested in saving a substantial amount of money on your health care please contact us for more information.


We have been traveling to Washington DC every year for the past 5 years to lobby congress on the consequences of PPACA.  We have begged them to listen to the industry that has dedicated their lives to this market for the past 50+ years.  We have predicted virtually every negative outcome of PPACA with 100% accuracy.  We have provided a detailed strategy on how to revise this law in a manner which promotes affordability and sustainability.  

This has all fallen on deaf ears...

Then we get a new administration for 2017 who controls every branch of government.  A party that told us  "give us the House and we will repeal PPACA"  - so America gave them control of the house in 2010. They then told us  "give us the Senate and we will repeal PPACA" - so America gave them control of the Senate in 2014.  Then, in 2016, congress passed a full PPACA repeal bill through the House and Senate to President Obama's desk, which he swiftly vetoed.  We were then told by the GOP controlled House and Senate "this repeal bill is a 'placeholder' bill - give us a Republican President and we will send this exact same bill to his desk and repeal PPACA"  - so America gave them a Republican President in 2016.

We go back to Washington DC as an industry and say "Hey guys, here is our body of work, here are all the predictions we made with PPACA (which have all come true), you have an opportunity to correct this, would you like to listen to us now?

We were told "No thank you - we've got this"

Now, magically and will full control of the Federal government, the GOP cannot repeal PPACA.  They have decided not to repeal PPACA and, instead, keep the main components in place which are the sole reason for the skyrocketing health insurance premiums.  It is time, as a consumer, to walk away from this toxic legislation and we want to help you do just that. 

As we stated above - we have solutions that can lower your cost dramatically without restricting your access.  These solutions may not be a fit for everyone, but we are confident that they can benefit the majority of our valued clients.  Please contact us to discuss your alternatives!

OK - stepping down from our soapbox now...

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