Why Use a Furled Leader
Why use a Furled Leader by Cutthroat Leaders?
              Presentation  -  Simplicity  -  Durability
We offer leaders for all types of species.  Our Thread Dry Fly Leaders are perfect for delivering dry fly's and small nymphs to  trout, while our Big Bug Leaders make casting large heavy flies a breeze.  Check us out, you will not be disappointed.  Fast shipping, and all made in USA.  We have a large selection of tippets, Floatants, indicators and more.  
How to use a Furled Dry Fly Leader
How to use a Furled Dry Fly Leader
Dry Fly Furled Leaders:

1). Amazing Presentations (they land gently (quietly), and they pick up off the water without disturbance. 

2). Perfect mending and line control.  

3). Easy to use.  No coiled memory, no more stretching and straightening the leader.  The leader comes off the reel with no memory what so ever...None. 

4). Just add tippet.  Same knot you tie your fly on with.

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Hi Vis Nymph Leader:

Our best selling Nymphing leader.  The Hi-Vis section acts like an 18" strike indicator / sighter.  This leader is great for throwing small flies (not real heavy flies).  

Simply apply some paste floatant to brightly colored section of leader, tie on 3-5' f tippet and fish. 

Easy to cast, lands gently without disturbing the water. (fish hate big indicators hitting the water)

This is perfect for fishing water depths of 1'-0"- 4'-0", not real fast, turbulent waters, but water that fish most often hold in.

We offer Hand Crafted Furled Leaders for all types of Fly Fishing.  We offer Dry Fly, Nymphing, Streamer, Big-Bug, (heavy Fly's), Czech Nymping (high Sticking), Spey (Two Handed Rods), Tenkara (no reel).  We also make Ocean leaders for fishers chasing Bonefish, Redfish, Tarpon and more. 
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