Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
Why vinyl? Ground Floor™ Glue-Down Vinyl is why
A few weeks ago, we introduced FreeStyle Choice, our first FreeStyle product not made of vinyl. One of the things SelecTech has prided itself on over our 30-year history is offering a solution for everybody. For some that means going old school with a glue-down vinyl flooring like our Ground Floor™ Glue-Down Vinyl.

While our interlock product serves very specific needs for a number of different customers. Other businesses may not have that need. It really becomes about having a simple flooring that can easily fit the parameters of a room where downtime or the cost of downtime may not be as big of an issue.

GroundFloor also comes in three different styles—Classic, Designer and Plus—and comes in four very attractive colors—Off-White, Grey, Platinum and Steel Blue.

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SelecTech in the News
SelecTech recently appeared in Commercial Construction & Renovation for a recent installation at the Tritium Electric Vehicle Charger plant in Lebanon, TN. The new plant, which will begin producing EV chargers in 2023 is part of the Big Back Better initiative. To read the entire story, click here.
Biosafety labs
In an environment where safety is of the utmost importance, having a flooring system that protects equipment from damaging electrostatic discharges, along with the ability to withstand chemicals and other biohazard materials is crucial. With SelecTech flooring, you have a variety of options that meet the requirements of all levels of biosafety laboratories.

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