April 26, 2019
Why volunteer?
Lacy Tripplett with her client at the Help Desk
Our mission is to improve access to justice. An opportunity to volunteer speaks to the primary factor that led us all to choose the profession of law: serving the people of the community by helping them obtain justice. By volunteering with us, you are joining a large corps of volunteers coordinated by a staff driven to improve access to justice. 

VLB offers several ways that you can volunteer to help low-income clients. You can sign up for a two hour shift at any of our Help Desks or represent a client through our extended representation program . If you have any questions about volunteering or about training, please contact Nancy Yarbrough .
Help these clients in need!
Please help this couple with an uncontested divorce. This is a three-year marriage with no children involved. They have no joint property or joint debts.   I can help!

Case Eligibility
  • No custody issues, joint property, or joint debt

VLB Added Value
  • All documents can be provided to attorney 
  • Connection to attorney mentor experienced in divorce law
Please help this disabled veteran draft a simple will. After serving 19 years in the Army, he wants to make sure his family is cared for. I can help!
Case Eligibility
  • Simple will

VLB Added Value
  • Will templates can be provided to the volunteer attorney
  • Connection to attorney mentor experienced in wills
Our volunteer attorneys make a difference!
Thomas Creel at the Civil Help Desk

Nate Cartmell (Maynard)
Thomas Creel (Carr Allison)
Honza Prchal (Heninger)
Lacy Triplett (Bressler)
Emily Vande Lune (Bressler)
Abby van Alstyne (Stone Piper Law)
Maura Goodwyn assisting a client

Bob Dow (Maynard)
Maura Goodwyn
Melinda Guillaume
Susan McAlister
John Milledge 
LaBrenda Norman (LM Norman Law)
Free CLE opportunity - fighting for children
The American Bar Association is hosting a free CLE training session on Fearless Lawyering for Children. The event will be May 22 in Montgomery from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. , with a focus on the difference lawyers can make in juvenile justice and child welfare cases. Anyone interested in attending can contact Cathy Krebs at  cathy.krebs@americanbar.org .
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