Employee Group Benefits
two Why was that insurance claim declined?

The most common customer service questions we address are: "Is this covered?" and "Why wasn't this covered?"

All benefit plan carriers produce employee handbooks to inform employees of what their plans cover. ASSOCIUM clients receive booklets prepared either by the carriers or in-house. Most booklets are barely adequate (some are better than others) but none can go into enough detail to answer any and all questions. The handbook would have to be as thick as a phone book (you may remember those). Unfortunately, the more frequently asked question is "Why wasn't this covered?". A question that comes after an employee has had their insurance claim declined.

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Follow the Money
three Funding Dilemma
Non-profit (NP) organizations in the healthcare arena have historically relied on government funding to support their service delivery efforts. In most cases, their operating budgets are derived solely off government funding (e.g. federal, provincial). While this funding allocation model is effective in the sense that it aligns with a more localized healthcare service delivery mandate it has had unintended consequences of encouraging pay inequities across the staff roles that deliver healthcare services and more broadly can limit the social good impact of the organization they are funding.  
pillarsPillars of the Community
The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FPRO)

The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) is the largest association in Ontario representing those who own, manage, build, and finance residential rental properties.

Our membership includes a diverse group of owners and managers, from those with one small building or single rental unit, up to the largest property management firms and institutional owners and managers. FRPO represents more than 2,200 professionals who own or manage over 350,000 rental homes in every area of Ontario.

Learn more about   The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO), Ontario's leading advocate for quality rental housing.
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golfLook what we found in their Budget 

"...Our partnership with ASSOCIUM GAIN helped us to switch our telephone provider and this transition will save us around $20,000 per year. This savings will enable us to fund March Break and Summer Camps Programs for 7-13 years old children. The cost breakdown is $40 per child for 500 children which totals in $20,000 per year..."

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Hidden Savings leads to New Projects

Organizations sometimes neglect to correlate savings on their bottom line to what those savings can mean for the overall structure of their organization - or their beneficiaries. Funding and fundraising is often dependent on what you do with the money. As your advocate, the ASSOCIUM GAIN team works hard to ensure the best value for your dollar.

We specialize in:
  • Saving our members money so that they can funnel the savings back into their organization
  • Due diligence in assuring our national providers offer quality services and products
  • Conduct RFQs on your behalf, to save you time and, ultimately, dollars
  • Procurement Assessments in order to streamline your buying practices, upon request
  • Connecting like-minded organizations/individuals
  • The more members we have, the better buying power we have
We are proud to say that through optimum use of our program our team has helped to save our members thousands of dollars each year! Help us grow the member base, through the iGAIN Referral Program, earn money for your organization AND expand your buying power even further. Contact the ASSOCIUM GAIN team if you know of an organization that can put additional funds to good works. 

ASSOCIUM Divisionsdivisions
Our procurement services division launched in 1996 as an added source of assistance to the not-for-profit sector. Our goal is to help your organization by providing you access to competitively priced products and services as well as resolving any purchasing issues you may encounter.

ASSOCIUM Benefits 

Our employee group benefits division, being in business since 1997, gives us the experience to provide customized alternative plans and reduce administrative costs for our clients, while quoting sustainable rates at start up - and at renewal.  

For over 30 years, ASSOCIUM Consultants continues to lead the industry in specialized human resource services and organizational development.
Supporting the success of Canadian organizations since 1984.