November 2018
Thankful for Thrive!
On a recent Tuesday night gathering, we asked everyone to share why they are thankful for Thrive! Here are a few of their answers.

"I am thankful for Thrive! because ..."
  • We have met lots of new people. Thrive! helps my whole family come up with new goals.
  • I’ve made very many friends who I can count on, on a daily basis, even just to talk to! I’m thankful for our Tuesday meals and sharing our lives with those who care for our well being. Youth programming gives me time to participate while my children are learning.
  • It provides a support system of people who don’t judge.
  • They make you feel welcome every Tuesday. They help you think of dreams you have and help you find ways to reach them.
  • Thrive! has given me a sense of community and belonging that I have struggled with finding since I was a child.
  • We have found a group of people who feel like family. 
  • We are inspired and empowered by others at Thrive! to improve our lives.
Thrive! Leaders Give Back
“It’s fantastic, I love it! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and being able to do this for the kids is just great,” explains Jennifer Polopolus-Meredith.  

Jennifer’s excitement is contagious — and so is her sense of accomplishment . She is one of the first Thrive! leaders to plan an event.  
“Last year, I planned the party,” states Susan Wendland, Thrive! Youth Program and Resource Development Coordinator. “This year a leader and volunteer planned the party.  It’s very empowering. Jennifer and Nicholle (pictured above; Jennifer is dressed in her cat costume) met with our executive director to plan the event. They provided me a list, and I simply went shopping!”

Thrive! leaders are area-residents seeking to improve their quality of life.  Leaders commit to an 18-month program that meets weekly. Reaching a place of giving back is a significant milestone.  
Invest in Your Community
Thrive! works with people struggling with poverty and provides assistance through a long-term (18-month) “walk with me” approach as we help each other engage the stressors of life in poverty. We create a community, and the community helps us grow.

We welcome your investment, whether it's a one-time holiday gift, a year-long commitment to supply a monthly meal, or your time.