March. 5, 2015 
Welcome to Week 7 of the Legislative Hubbub!

This week, while things worked themselves into a frenzy at the State Capitol in advance of the last week of session, we decided to take a step back and remind ourselves about why we do what we do. 

Why do we focus on providing you information about the Legislative Hubbub? Why do you follow along each week? 

We want to share with you why we do this work at the Hub - and we want to know from you what are the things you care about most.

We've also got information on some of the bills we cared about that survived Crossover Day. 

So this week, we're hoping the Legislative Hubbub can be the start of a conversation with you. We hope you'll talk back to us! 


It's Your Time to Talk - What Issues Matter to You?
This time of the year, the rhetoric and speech-making by politicians and the media drowns out what we think is the most important voice in state politics - yours.

Here at the Hub we think it is crucial that new state legislation comes from the hopes, ambitions and concerns of the people that live here.  But, in order for those hopes, ambitions and concerns to make their way to the State Capitol, we need to know what they are.

The Hub is Build Policy from the Ground Up.
And it Needs Your Help.

Here at the Hub, we're passionate about helping communities get involved at the state level to shape the policies that govern them.

Photo courtesy What's Next WV/Catherine Moore

But we're not community development lobbyists. Instead, we think it's better to empower

West Virginia's citizens with information so they you can do that work on their own.


Why do we do things this way? Because we believe this is the way that democracy should work.


Read on to learn more about the Hub's strategy to build political action in West Virginia from the ground, up.

Bills Still Kicking That Will Matter to West Virginians
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As of yesterday, more than 360 bills had been passed by the House and Senate.


But there are a few stragglers whose future will have a significant impact on our economy, health and way of life in West Virginia.



Here's our list of bills that are still alive that will matter to West Virginia's communities. 


Seeking WV's Champions of Community Development
Jean Ambrose Award
The Jean Ambrose Champion of Community Development Award recognizes an individual who, through their work, professionally or as a volunteer, has made a significant difference in the well-being of West Virginia's communities and the citizens who live in them.

Nominations are now open for the 2015 Jean Ambrose Award. 

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