We want to know your why.

Prospects want to know why you do what you do. They know what you do, but not why. It's a way to get closer to you and can influence their decision on doing business with your company. 

How do you or your employees answer the question - 'W hy do you do what you do?'


I've been asked this question myself and thought it might be a good time to answer. So here it is.

Many boomer aged business owners are considering a poor way of transitioning out of their business. This decision could be made because they are tired, not prepared to update the company and compete, don't have the right team to sell or are simply out of time.

Their choice is to c lose down a functioning company, sell the assets and put everyone who works for them out of a job. 

Here is my concern. If one small company, with say 10 employees, closes down what happens? It means at least 10 families will be negatively impacted. Now add vendors and customers, who are also affected by the owners' decision. 

Multiply by hundreds or thousands of businesses. The economy can not successfully absorb the impact.  

This is my why. I'm concerned about the future of our country. Small and Medium sized business is a huge part of our economy.

Food for thought.

Are you a boomer aged (50+) owner of an established business?   If yes, please click here and get help making the best decisions for you and all the other people impacted by your choices.


Thank you for reading 'Eric's WarrenBDC Email'. It would be my pleasure to speak with your group of boomer aged business owners. Contact information is below.

Eric Gilboord

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