Here we are at mid-summer, and four-plus months into the pandemic. We’re all tired, worried and distracted. And we know that tiredness and distraction are the enemies of safety. To keep everyone safe, it becomes that much more important to know the people you work with -- do they have kids at home? A partner working or not? Are they stressed or anxious about aging family members? What can you do to help yourself, your employees and co-workers stay focused during this time?
The wrong task for the right worker
When an employee is keen and willing to help, we’re inclined to hand them more responsibility and different tasks. But before doing that, it’s critical to know the worker’s training and capacities. Sean was a truck driver, but with no loads to deliver one day, he helped the mechanic repair a bus: something he wasn’t trained for and because of his cerebral palsy, may have been beyond his physical capacities. Sean was crushed when the vehicle rolled. Cheryl, who was Sean’s fiance, shares his story in Threads of Life’s summer newsletter.
Your support means so much!
During difficult times, the support of our partners and friends means more than ever to families affected by work-related tragedy. Here are a couple of recent examples: 

  • The corporate office of KLTP in Western Canada encouraged KLTP employees to participate in a ‘25 million steps fitness challenge’, with $1000 to be awarded to a charity of their choice. Employees rose to the challenge and chose Threads of Life to receive this donation. 
  • Stantec in Atlantic Canada held 50/50 draws and will be donating $700 to help those affected by fatalities, life-altering injuries and occupational disease.

Thank you so much to the employees of KLTP, Stantec, and all of you who continue to demonstrate your kind hearts.
Up to the Challenge!
The Team Challenge, part of Steps for Life - Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy, is a fun and friendly competition for those who want to demonstrate their commitment to health and safety. We’ve declared the Challenge winners for 2020 -- including families with a personal connection to the cause, committed individuals and socially-responsible companies. The challenge of fundraising in 2020 was even greater than usual, but these teams came through, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Many of our Steps for Life sponsor companies also encourage their employees to participate in the Team Challenge. In this and many other ways, our sponsors have maintained their commitment to Threads of Life and our families right through the pandemic and all the changes it brought. A huge thank you to all of our teams, sponsors and participants for your passion and commitment. Check out the winners list here!
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