Is Green Belt or Black Belt Training Right for You?
The Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence is partnering with the Lean Six Sigma Company to offering Green Belt and Black Belt virtual training class starting on February 22nd.

Is Green Belt or Black Belt training right for you? Here are answers to common questions we get from prospective candidates and their supervisors that might be helpful as you consider this professional development opportunity:

  • Why should I consider a Green Belt or Black Belt Training? Our Training teaches you to problem solve any type of problem and it provides a huge boost to your career prospects. Just go on LinkedIn and see the demand for Lean Six Sigma certified professionals.
  • What is the benefit for my employer? By improving processes for your employer they will benefit enormously in terms of cost savings and better customer experience. It is not uncommon that the return for the employer is 4-5x the investment of the training.
  • How should I pay for the class? Often times your employer will cover the cost of the training because the benefits for the organization greatly exceed the cost of training. If you are paying for this individually we can talk about ways to help you with this.
  • How do I know you are a reputable organization? We are one of the few providers that issue a certification according to international ISO standards. There are many competitors that offer Lean Six Sigma training but only a few provide a high-quality standard in training curriculum. We do as evidenced in the video below.
  • What is the value of a Lean Six Sigma Certificate from your company?

If you like to discuss the training program further feel free to give Edwin Boon a call at 612-445-2370 or email him at

We look forward to having you in one of lean classes soon!


Liz Menzer
Executive Director
Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence|