Nutritious Food is a Human Right
WhyHunger now provides an opportunity to volunteer at home while helping those most vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis find nutritious food in their area. Learn more, here .
New at WhyHunger
WhyHunger's Find Food Database Enhances support to COVID-19 Impacted Communities with Waze and 10x Management

In the wake of COVID-19, the U.S. is facing a hunger crisis. People across the country are struggling to access the food they need as pantries are closing, new meal sites are popping up and hours are changing. WhyHunger is responding with new partnerships, technology and a massive volunteer effort to provide immediate support and the most comprehensive information available. Learn how you can volunteer to take urgent action .
Through a newly announced  partnership with Waze , WhyHunger’s Find Food database of emergency food providers is integrated into Waze's app search engine. Now millions of Waze users  can find emergency food providers in their area using the Waze map, powered by WhyHunger!  Read the press release .
Taking our decades old Find Food database to the next level, we’ve  partnered with 10x Management  to launch the most comprehensive, crowd-sourced map of emergency food providers across the U.S. in order to connect more people to food during the COVID-19 crisis. You can visit the map and learn more about how to engage in volunteer efforts from your home to support the database  here  or read our press release .
Statement from WhyHunger on New Unemployment Numbers: “Food banks and food pantries are not going to be able to absorb this level of need.”

“This astronomical increase in unemployment is a strong indicator that an equally staggering rise in food insecurity will quickly follow.”

- WhyHunger Executive Director, 
Noreen Springstead

WhyHunger Executive Director, Noreen Springstead  issued a statement addressing the growing challenges facing emergency food providers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic as rising unemployment not only reinforces food insecurity but threatens the emergency food sy stem . Now more than ever, an increase in assistance from programs like SNAP & D-SNAP is critical for millions of people across the country.

Hard Rock International and Hard Rock Hotels Match Donations up to $75K for COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund
Unemployment is skyrocketing, hunger is rapidly increasing, and food banks and pantries are being pushed to their limits.

Help provide urgent & necessary support to those most impacted by hunger and poverty during the COVID-19 pandemic by donating to WhyHunger’s Rapid Response Fund today.

Your donation - matched up to $75K by our long-time friends at Hard Rock International and Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos - will bring immediate economic relief and direct support to frontline food pantries, people facing hunger, small-scale farmers and food chain workers.

Check out our Facebook fundraiser for more info and double your donation today!
WhyHunger Supporters Take a (Social Distancing) Run to Raise Money for COVID-19 Rapid Response Efforts
Earlier this month, we had some awesome folks get active for an Isolation Fun Run! 148 people got their run on (while social distancing) and raised over $8K for our COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund!

Big thanks to everyone who ran!

Thinking about creative ways to contribute? Contact  with your ideas!
Check out Episode 3 of the WhyHunger Podcast (Earth Day Edition): Don't Cage Our Ocean Coalition
In honor of Earth Day, watch our latest installment of the WhyHunger Podcast! This episode, we spoke with fellow member of the Don’t Cage Our Ocean Coalition, Hallie Templeton on behalf of  Friends of the Earth U.S.  on protecting our food and waterways from the impact of industrial aquaculture & how you can get involved.

Remember to share and subscribe to our Youtube channel and for more info on the coalition & how to take action, visit

Artists Rally in Support of WhyHunger's COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund Campaign
We're grateful for the support we receive year after year from our artists partners - whether supporting artists or members of our Artists Against Hunger & Poverty Program. During this global crisis, there has been an outpouring of creative and direct support in helping us raise the necessary funds to assist frontline food banks, pantries, food chain and farm workers, and vulnerable communities impacted by the pandemic.
Shout-outs include:

Virtual concerts, release parties and activations from Rennie Pincus, Tash Neal in collaboration with DUZY and Toby Lightman .

Michael McDonald's recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon included a direct show of support to WhyHunger's work.

Phish kicked off a weekly video series, "Dinner & a Movie" sharing free archived concert videos and recipes. WhyHunger was chosen as the band's inaugural charity to support and helped raise tens of thousands in support.

Our partners at Reverb teamed up with Guster to host a "Quarantine Kitchen" show on Instagram Live to share simple, sustainable recipes while supporting our COVID-19 response work. 

Long time WhyHunger supporters and Ambassadors, Tom Chapin and the Chapin Sisters host a weekly sing along on their social channels in efforts to fundraise for our relief efforts. 

Tom Morello and FRZY joined theWhyHunger staff in a special solidarity video for allies at La Via Campesina's #StayHomeButNotSilent campaign in honor of the the International Day of Peasants' Struggle April 17th day of action for Peasants' rights.

Special thanks to Jason Mraz, Jay Gonzalez from Drive-By Truckers, Sean McConnell, Jen Chapin, Tom Chapin, The Chapin Sisters, Steve Bodner, Activist Artists Management, Chef Otto Borsich, Tom Morello and FRZY for sharing our Rapid Response Fundraiser with their supporter base.

Thank you for your continued dedication to supporting and promoting WhyHunger's work, especially during this critical time!
Hunger & Poverty News
Yes! Magazine: Coronavirus and Climate Change: How to Save Lives During Crises  
Climate change remains a growing threat to indigenous & frontline communities contributing to the economy and food security of the people in affected areas, thus lending itself to growing health concerns. In lieu of the devastation of the pandemic, what the response to the crisis brings up is an opportunity to address how to effectively respond to these existing climate concerns as a means to avoid more grave social and economic conditions moving forward.

Grist: How will farms and restaurants emerge from coronavirus? We asked the experts.     
Shane Bernardo, Cofounder of Food as Healing in Detroit: " This pandemic has exposed the precariousness of our relationship to an extractive, market-based economy that relies on the exploitation of our labor and our planet. For instance, food workers in the gig economy have been left to fend for themselves working jobs that pay them low wages with little to no benefits to protect them. These are frontline workers! They have become critical to our survival because of our dependence on a system that extracts as much profit as it can by exploiting its workforce and our natural resources."

The Guardian: Coronavirus could double number of people going hungry  
Food  supplies across the world will be “massively disrupted” by the coronavirus, and unless governments act the number of people suffering chronic hunger could double, some of the world’s biggest food companies have warned.

On April 17, La Via Campesina commemorated the International Day of Peasants’ Struggle in a context that once again validates the historical role of the peasantry in societies and their fundamental task of feeding the people, even in times of war, fascism, authoritarianism and pandemics. COVID-19 has crippled the world. This deadly virus has exposed the vulnerability of the current globalized food system dominated by industrial agriculture, and the dangers it poses to all life forms.
Connect Blog
Underpaid and Unprotected: How the COVID-19 Crisis is Highlighting the Injustices Faced by America’s Food Workers   

Three weeks ago, a striking image depicting dozens of delivery drivers crowding the sidewalk outside of the high-end New York City Italian eatery Carbone made its way around the internet. Ordering $69 veal parmesan may seem like the logical thing to do for wealthy homebound Manhattan residents on a Friday night, yet the image represents a much more striking reality: the Coronavirus is not the “great equalizer” many have claimed it to be. Food chain workers, from delivery drivers to fieldworkers, take on a greater risk of exposure than most of us to keep the food system running and provide us with the life-sustaining food we need while sheltering in place. We must ensure adequate protections and compensation for those that continue to expose themselves for the greater good.

“A lot of the infrastructures that allow for this kind of exploitation are pre-existing. We’re trying to raise the analysis to say: the reason this is happening is because food workers have always been treated as expendable,” says Suzanne Adely, co-director of the Food Chain Workers Alliance.

Social Movements From Latin America Share Their Thoughts on COVID-19 Crisis

April 17 was International Day of Peasants’ Struggle and La Via Campesina affirmed the importance of the unity of all people during this crisis. We, at WhyHunger, stand with the international peasant movement to say #StayHomeButNotSilent, and in this way we will build together the new society we want and need, putting life and people, not profit, as the focus. Throughout history and in this moment, we continue to resist, with solidarity, internationalism and respect for human dignity and life.

Over the past several weeks, our team at WhyHunger has spent time checking in with our allies and reaffirming solidarity and community in these uncertain times. There are similarities in what our allies in Latin America, Africa, North America and Asia are sharing, when it comes to access to resources, and the government’s preparedness and response. The need for food sovereignty has never been more critical. It is time for solidarity and mutual support to nourish our commitment for a more just food system and more just world.

Take Action
Volunteer to Support Food Insecure Communities with WhyHunger's Find Food:COVID Map

The U.S. is facing a hunger crisis and WhyHunger is responding in efforts to support food insecure communities facing further challenges in the wake of COVID-19. We’ve launched the most comprehensive, crowd-sourced map of food access sites across the U.S. to connect people to food during COVID - and we need your help!
You can help from your home in 2 key ways:

  • Volunteer to keep the map updated by calling food distribution points and recording hours of operation on the map.
  • Share the map with your network, health and human service providers and anyone in need to spread the word about this important resource.

By working together, we have the chance to help tens of thousands in need during these difficult times.

Our Mission:
WhyHunger believes a world without hunger is possible. We provide critical resources to  support grassroots   movements and fuel community solutions rooted in social, environmental, racial and economic justice. We are working to end hunger and advance the human right to nutritious food in the U.S. and around the world.
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