March 8, 2019 
Resilience. Fortitude. Determination. Strength. Care. Love.

Some of the terms that come to mind when I think of women now and throughout history. I've had the honor of being exposed to some amazing women throughout my life who were exemplary leaders, mothers, sisters, champions and unapologetically themselves in the face of their struggles and challenges. Women's History Month is a celebration of all these aspects and then some. This year's celebration, kicking off with International Women's Day, speaks to me deeply as it comes on the heels of my incomparable experience on a 10-day delegation in Nicaragua with WhyHunger, where I had the honor of meeting a powerful group of women at the Gloria Quintanilla Cooperative - a women-led, coffee-producing community in Santa Julia, Managua, Nicaragua.

March 1, 2019 
The collapse of a dam with mining waste in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil took away lives, homes and ways of living. After one month, many families still haven't been able to locate their loved ones and at least 139 bodies are still under the toxic mud. Some of the affected are living with relatives in other cities without any prospective for a job. Our partners are reporting that the company responsible for this environmental disaster, Vale do Rio Doce - one of the World's largest mining corporations - is offering a monthly stipend of less than $300 to the families for up to one year. They have shared that the elderly, parents of small children and the unemployed are struggling with the uncertainty of this new life. Many more families downstream are expected to lose what they most cherish - the water, fish, land and communities. 

February 28, 2019

To round out Black History Month, our U.S. Programs Directors,  Suzanne Babb &  Lorrie Clevenger, took a brief moment to share their thoughts on Black Food Sovereignty, what it means and why it matters so much to food justice and the social and economic landscape of our society to this day. 

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