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Announcing SongAid™! In partnership with TrackTribe and The Orchard, WhyHunger and some of the biggest names in music join forces for the launch of SongAid in support of WhyHunger's COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund!
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Artists, Music & Technology Companies Unite for SongAid to Benefit WhyHunger’s Rapid Response Fund
The music and technology industries have joined forces to launch  SongAid , an ongoing effort to fight the global hunger crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting on May 29, each week SongAid will release new music from a growing list of contributing artists. Each time a fan listens to a SongAid song, the streaming proceeds will go to WhyHunger’s Rapid Response Fund. Content will be distributed through a partnership with leading music distribution company The Orchard and made available to fans listening on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Apple Music and sharing on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Molly Tuttle Releases "Helpless" Single To Benefit WhyHunger's Rapid Response Fund
For bluegrass virtuoso Molly Tuttle, Neil Young’s “Helpless” has been a concert staple for years, often played as an encore in her live shows. Now she has released a studio version of the song, which Young issued 50 years ago this past March with his then-band mates David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. Driven by a simple folk melody and stark, yet color-filled lyrics, Tuttle’s plaintive take on the tune also showcases the members of Old Crow Medicine Show.

Tuttle has also announced that 100 percent of the proceeds from digital streams of “Helpless” will be donated to WhyHunger’s Rapid Response Fund, providing immediate economic relief and direct support to those most impacted by hunger and poverty during the COVID-19 crisis.

WhyHunger’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund Provides Emergency Support in the Wake of Historic Hunger Crisis
New York (May 11, 2020) – As unemployment continues to soar and food banks and pantries struggle to meet skyrocketing demand, WhyHunger— a leader in the movement to end hunger and advance the human right to nutritious food in the U.S. and around the world—has deployed its Rapid Response Fund to protect food access during the COVID-19 crisis.

“The U.S. is experiencing a hunger crisis unlike anything we’ve seen, and it is only getting worse. The numbers do not even begin to tell the heartbreaking stories of those who are hungry and in need,” said Noreen Springstead, Executive Director, WhyHunger. “Our Hunger Hotline and Find Food service has seen a 363% increase in inquiries from food insecure individuals desperate to access food, and with 40 million Americans newly unemployed – many for the first time – the amount of hungry Americans will only continue to soar. WhyHunger is uniquely positioned to launch a holistic national response and is providing direct relief to those in dire need.”

WhyHunger Podcast Ep. 4: World March of Women
In this episode, Colin speaks with Graca Samo, the Coordinator for the International Secretariat of the World March of Women. Graca speaks to the foundation of WMW's mission and some key points of focus in support of women's rights internationally.

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Calling All Food Access Organizations! Help Us Update Our Find Food Database
The Find Food Map, Hotline and Texting Service help those that need it find food near them. We know that Food Access Organizations are under extreme pressure to keep up with rising demand during the COVID-19 crisis. Please help us to keep our database up to date by checking to see if we have the correct information.

WhyHunger Joins Mark Thompson on Make It Plain to Discuss Food Insecurity
WhyHunger's Senior Director of Programs, Alison Cohen, joins Mark Thompson on an episode of Make It Plain , to discuss food insecurity and the shocking statistics, draw the connection to poverty, and share how we can work to end hunger.

Hunger & Poverty News
Vox: Coronavirus is Exacerbating America’s Hunger Crisis
As of early May, more than 30 million people had filed for unemployment in just six weeks. That means growing food insecurity in a nation where millions of people were already struggling to get sufficient food each month.

Modern Farmer: House Democrats’ New COVID-19 Relief Bill Includes Lots of Agriculture Provisions      
House Democrats recently revealed the outline of a massive $3 trillion relief package to help cope with the ongoing fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because agriculture has struggled, and because there’s not much people can do besides shop for, prepare, and eat food, the proposed bill, called the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions ( HEROES) Act, includes a significant amount of funding for food and agriculture-related items.

Civil Eats: Community Food Co-ops Are Thriving During the Pandemic  
"We have great potential to build local infrastructure and build a more healthy and just sustainable food system” - Erbin Crowell, Executive Director of Neighboring Food Co-op Association.
As food insecurity concerns grow amidst the pandemic, co-op groceries are doing all they can to respond to the needs of their communities.

WFFP: Small-scale fisheries can bring hope in times of crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic  
In just over three months, COVID19 has changed the lives of all peoples and triggered unprecedented responses from governments across the world. To date, small-scale fishing communities have not been heard in the conversation on how to respond to COVID19. In fact, most government responses expose the ongoing failure to support small-scale fishing communities. The deadly effect of the highly contagious Coronavirus and the shockingly poor health systems call for massive support to up-scale health infrastructure and necessary measures to stop the spread of the disease.
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As COVID-19 surges across the globe, Brazil now has the most confirmed cases in Latin America, leaving over 209 million Brazilians at home, sick, or without federal support as the pandemic rages on. The Landless Workers Movement, Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) in Portuguese, is showing its solidarity with other working families and filling in the gaps left by their government and healthcare systems.

The MST was born in 1984 after groups of families began to occupy unused land in rural parts of Brazil. The Brazilian constitution is clear that land should be used for the highest public good, and so MST works to identify and settle on underutilized land, gain legal title to it, and bring it to productive use. In the past three decades, the MST has reclaimed over 18 million acres of land for 1.5 million farmers who are now producing fresh produce, grains and animals for consumers in Brazil and abroad.

A cornerstone of the Brooklyn community, The Campaign Against Hunger has continued to evolve and serve its community over the past two decades. Founded in 1998 by Dr. Melony Samuels, The Campaign Against Hunger began as a food pantry in a church basement. Today, The Campaign’s reach has grown exponentially, serving nutritious food to vulnerable communities across the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. As New York City has emerged as the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Campaign Against Hunger is working tirelessly to provide emergency food relief to those most affected by this disease and its economic fallout.

Even before this crisis, The Campaign Against Hunger was redefining food access with innovative programs such as their online food pantry, Fresh Vibes market-on-wheels, mobile pantry, urban food production, and Green Teens youth farming program. Together, these initiatives creatively address both the current food insecurity in New York and the systemic issues that perpetuate hunger and poverty across the city.

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In comparison to other Brazilian social movements, Levante is as young as its members. Nevertheless, it has spread throughout Brazil like a wildfire becoming a well-established mass movement showing that young people are reclaiming their right to a future. For over six years now, Levante has been organizing youth from different backgrounds and like a powerhouse, they are building on the experience and knowledge of other social movements.

The youth energy and power of Levante gives us hope that many lives will be saved, and the pain of uncertainty will be mitigated for thousands in Brazil. Levante plans to prioritize the state capitals of Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and São Paulo. The inspiring work of Levante deserves our attention and solidarity.

WhyHunger is standing with Levante and want you to join us in taking action to support their Youth-Led Solidarity Campaign by donating today . We are committed to direct 100% of the received donations towards Levante’s COVID-19 response initiatives.

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WhyHunger believes a world without hunger is possible. We provide critical resources to  support grassroots   movements and fuel community solutions rooted in social, environmental, racial and economic justice. We are working to end hunger and advance the human right to nutritious food in the U.S. and around the world.
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