Share the Wichita Wurlitzer
The 2019-2020 provides a sample of the Wurlitzer's flexibility. You may prefer silent movies or classical music but Wichita's Wurlitzer can do all of this and more. Explore the range of musical capabilities. You will be amazed!

People are getting both tables and individual season tickets. Some tables are for friends who want to sit together. Some tables have been bought by people wanting to invite guests to share the Wurlitzer. There is a good season ticket response. Get your season tickets before tickets for the individual shows are on sale next week.

A table has six tickets for the price of five. General Admission and Senior season tickets save an additional 20%. Click to Buy Tickets. Visit the Wichita Wurlitzer webpage for more show information.
2019 - 2020 Shows
Season Tickets on Sale Now!
Tickets for Individual Shows on Sale August 12
Sponsorship Opportunities
Wichita Wurlitzer Associates donations supplement the ticket income. The money funds extras such as the cameras and screens that allow the audience to watch the artist play during the performance and other show costs. Wichita Wurlitzer, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.
2019-2020 Sponsorship Levels are Friend ($25+), Patron ($100+), Underwriter ($250+), Benefactor ($500+), Console ($1,000), Heritage ($2,500+), and Legacy ($5,000+). Donors at $500+ are invited to events with artists. More information here .
All Sponsors are listed in show programs and on the Wichita Wurlitzer website . You can use the donation button on the website. If you prefer, you can send your check payable to Wichita Wurlitzer to 2475 N Greenleaf St, Wichita, KS 67226-1535. You will receive a donation receipt.
Wurlitzer 4 manual / 36 rank Hope Jones Unit Orchestras
Detroit's Fox Theatre (shown above) was in the news last week. In 1928 four Wurlitzers were built and installed in Fox Theatres in Detroit, St. Louis, Brooklyn, and San Fransisco which were duplicates of the Wichita Wurlitzer built in 1926. Today, the Detroit and St. Louis theatre instruments remain in the original locations. Disney installed the San Francisco Fox instrument in Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre where it is used daily. Brooklyn's Wurlitzer was broken up for parts.
Wichita's Wurlitzer is the only instrument refined in the theatre by the Jesse Crawford / Daniel Papp team. Their work made the Wichita Wurlitzer the standard all other instruments are measured by.
Christina M. Long and her team at CML Collective helped Wichita Wurlitzer define our new logo and colors. CML Collective furnished fund-raising materials and a marketing plan to facilitate our progress as the Wurlitzer approaches its centennial. Wichita Wurlitzer wants to acknowledge the assistance and appreciates the patience of Christina and her team.
Wichita Wurlitzer YouTube Channel
Have you visited the channel? Click on the image on the right for a Tour of the Wichita Wurlitzer with Clark Wilson.
In less than one year, more than 8,500 views totaling 430 hours with 96 subscribers, check it out. More videos coming this fall.
You can show friends and family what the Wichita Wurlitzer is but remember, hearing the instrument in person gives the full experience.