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High Q Chip Capacitors

The SemiGen Series 8000 capacitors offer a working voltage of >50V and capacitance ranges from 2.0-600pF, with the Series 8100 capacitors offering a working voltage of >100V and 0.1-399pF capacitance range. They are made with prime starting material and consist of an Oxide/Nitride layer that provides low dielectric loss and high standoff voltage. These products are supplied in chip form only.. 


  • Very High Q.
  • Low Temperature Coefficients.
  • Low Dissipation Factor.
  • Long-Term Stability.
  • Gold Contacts Front & Back.
  • Die as Thin as 3mm for Limiting Inductance.

They are designed for use in applications that require DC protection, RF bypassing or fixed tuning of amplifiers, oscillators, switches, filters and multipliers .

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Wideband Power Amplifiers
2.0-22GHz - Output Power Levels up to +32dBm 

Ciao Wireless' Wideband Power Amplifier product line offers ultrawide bandwidth coverage combined with stable output power levels. Designs offer frequency coverage for 2-18 GHz, 2-20 GHz and 2-22 GHz with output power levels up to +32 dBm @ P1 dB PT offered. Each design is unconditionally stable with flat gain response (?1.5 dB Typ) over the full pass band as well as good VSWR performance. Multiple gain and power levels are available with rapid delivery. All units are designed to meet the reliability and performance requirements of MIL-PRF-38534 with full environmental stress screening available to meet any particular customer requirement . Ciao Wireless offers custom designs with NO NRE and NO MINIMUM QTY requirements and at the competitive catalog pricing and delivery levels. 


  • High Output Power (Up to +32dBm Typ).
  • Flat Gain Response (?1.5 Typ).
  • Internal Voltage Regulators & Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Unconditionally Stable (100% Tested).
  • Competitively Priced.
  • Fast Delivery (1-3 Weeks ARO Typical).
  • Fully Customisable to Meet Specific Needs.

  • Input Limiter Protection (Up to +30dBm CW, 100W Peak Pulsed, 1S Duration, 0.1% DC).
  • Temperature Compensation.
  • Variable Gain Control & Bias-T Functions.
  • TTL/RF Mute / BIT / Output Voltage Detector.
  • Other Options Available.

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High Voltage Metal Alloy Resistors

The TM series of semi-precision resistors from Tepro are designed for High Temperature, High Voltage applications. Their low cost construction is completely inorganic, with no outgassing. They are non-insulated and are designed for operation in Air, Oil, Vacuum and Inert Atmospheres.  

  • High Voltage: to 15KV.
  • High Temperature: to +350?C.
  • Tolerance: ?2%, ?5%, ?10%, ?20%.
  • Special Testing, Data Packages Available.
  • High Temperature Silicone Coating Available.
Metal alloy resistors will replace Metal Oxide resistors where the Temperature Coefficients requirements are not as demanding, at a considerable saving.

Applications Include

  • High Voltage Power Supplies.
  • High Voltage Probes.
  • Lasers.
  • Radar.
  • Mercury Vapour Lamps.
  • Metal Halide Lamps.
  • Test Equipment.
  • Microwaves.
  • Immersion in Oil.
  • Vacuum or Inert Atmosphere.

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