ICANNWiki Video Interviews with Ana Neves of the GAC
Dyn Video Blog: ICANN 52 Singapore - Ana Neves
Dyn Video Blog: ICANN 52 Singapore - Ana Neves

Our Dyn ICANNWiki interviews are a fun way to catch up with your fellow ICANN conference-attendees, providing insight into their work and goals for the future. Historically, we've set Ray (who is wonderfully and chronically busy) to the task of pulling one of you aside for a short Q & A. 

In Singapore we met up with Susan Chalmers, a MAG member and Principal at Chalmers & Associates, an Internet Policy consulting firm based in Wellington, New Zealand. Susan's background and relationships with the Internet governance sphere adds a new dimension to our interviews, and we're excited to see how they develop over time! Watch them all here.

  ICANNWiki Edit-a-thon, ICANN 53

ICANNWiki is a small team of editors and contributors who have helped shape over 5,000 articles about ICANN, the DNS and Internet governance. Our goal is continue to create and collaborate on relevant and educational articles that serve as a touchstone for our community. An edit-a-thon is a powerful way to start, grow or edit the information on ICANNWiki, and build a community of contributors.

Changes can start small--create your personal or company page, or fix a small error. Or perhaps you have some insight into the history and trajectory of the new gTLD Program? Or, you're at the forefront of initiatives such as NETmundial or have something factual to contribute to our IANA Transition article? Come to the ICW Edit-a-thon and learn how you can contribute!

Learn more about the event, sign up and more herehttp://bit.ly/1FakUCW


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