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June News Notes:
from Wild Bird Habitat
  • The excitement of bird migration continues through early June.
  • Look beyond the bird feeder at the many summer birds around us. They'll be gone in a few short months.
  • Parents will be bringing their young to the bird feeders.
  • Suet will continue to be in high demand by woodpeckers.
  • Goldfinches and Cedar Waxwings will begin nesting by months end.
  • Keep bird baths and avian ponds clean and fresh. A dripper can help replenish water.
  • Plant tubular shaped flowers now to attract hummingbirds on their return in early August.
  • Live mealworms are a great addition for feeding Cardinals, Robins, and Bluebirds.
  • If you have Orioles, keep the jelly & oranges fresh. They will return with their young.
  • Caged bird feeders are great for attracting woodpeckers & smaller birds, not grackles.
  • Nutra Saff safflower is our best selling wild bird feed - like by a variety of birds yet deters squirrels and the Common Grackle
Read more in Dave's Bird Chatter in Wild Bird Habitat Store's June Newsletter. Open the Newsletter link provided below

Wild Bird Habitat Store's June Newsletter
What is the Bird of the Month?
Sings like a robin on steroids

Wild Bird Habitat Store's  Newsletter
Published by the Wild Bird Habitat Stores
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to find out
  • Father's Day ONLINE sale thru June 22
  • What is our 'Bird of the Month'?
  • Can birds predict weather?
  • Enjoy birding more with eBird
  • Get kids interested in birds
  • What you can do to save birds?
  • And of course, Dave's Bird Chatter for June 
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Attract more birds to your yard and enjoy backyard bird feeding more with the Wild Bird Habitat Store's series -   "THE 7 BASIC BACKYARD BIRD FEEDERS" -  every backyard bird enthusiast should have....  Check it out below

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A top North American Birding Area
Nebraska Birding Trails

Listing more than 400 bird watching sites across the state of Nebraska. From the Missouri River Valley to the panhandle's rugged Pine Ridge, you'll find world class bird watching, scenic vistas, and a remarkable Nebraska Heritage around every corner.
Nebraska Metro Birding
Bird watching in seven counties in Eastern Nebraska. Find birding sites right out your backdoor in Cass, Dodge, Douglas, Lancaster, Sarpy, Saunders, and Washington counties.
Central Nebraska, one of the major migratory routes on the continent. From Sandhill Cranes to Prairie Chickens, shore birds to prairie dog towns, it's an incredible journey you don't want to miss. 
Chicken Dance Trail

Chicken Dance Birding Trail, 27 counties in Southwestern Nebraska 
Birding in South Central & South Western Nebraska.

Check them out below
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Published by the Wild Bird Habitat Stores

Do you know what the 7 basic bird feeders for a complete backyard bird feeding program are? Different birds have different feeding characteristics and each of these 7 basic bird feeders and the wild bird feed you use in each is guaranteed to attract a larger variety of birds to your backyard. 

The Wild Bird Habitat Stores is publishing a series - "7 Basic Backyard Bird Feeders". Every two weeks we will featuring one of the seven basic feeders, what they are, how to use, recommend the wild bird feed you should use in each one, and what birds to expect to be attracted by each of these basic bird feeders.

With the exception of a few specialty, wild bird feeders ( hummingbird, oriole, etc.)  every bird feeder you see at your local bird feeding supply store will fall under one of these 7 categories even though they may appear in a variety of designs. This includes window feeders, caged feeders, even squirrel proof bird feeders, all bird feeders.

"7 Basic Backyard Bird Feeders" series
Check out the first 5 of the 7 basic wild bird feeders you should have in your backyard if you feed birds. Then like us on Face Book for updates on the remaining 4 basic backyard bird feeders as they are published. Or find them on our website at  the Wild Bird Habitat Store 
Platform Bird Feeder
Nyjer Thistle Tube Bird Feeder
Downy on upside down feeder
Suet Bird Feeder

Once you understand the 7 basic backyard bird feeders and follow our recommendations and tips, I guarantee you'll enjoy a larger diversity of bird species coming to your backyard.

Watch for the final basic bird feeder in Wild Bird Habitat Store's
coming soon


No matter if you plan to use just 1 of the 7 basic backyard bird feeders or all 7, the quality of the wild bird feed you use is essential for attracting birds to your bird feeder, and keep them coming back for more. Learn more about wild bird feed at  ALL ABOUT WILD BIRD FEED

For additional information on which birds are attracted to each of the 7 basic backyard bird feeders and what wild bird feed is recommended, checkout our easy to use guide at  BIRD FEED & BIRD FEEDER GUIDE

Need some help identifying birds? 

Answer five simple questions about a bird you are trying to identify and Merlin will come up with a list of possible matches. Merlin offers quick identification help for all levels of bird watchers to learn about North America and Europe's common and rare birds!

A new advanced version of the Photo ID tool is now available for download in the latest version of Merlin Bird ID for Android and iPhone . Select an image from your smartphone image gallery or snap a shot from the back of your cameras viewfinder, and Merlin will walk you through the 2 quick steps before showing you a list of possible species.

The Audubon Bird Guide is a free and complete field guide to over 800 species of North American birds, right in your pocket. Built for all experience levels, it will help you identify the birds around you, keep track of the birds you've seen, and get outside to find new birds near you. Now with Bird ID Wizard

HARD COPY FIELD GUIDES form Wild Bird Habitat
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Check out some popular bird feeders below
Arnie's Corner
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Where we care as much about your pets as we do our own

Arnie's Pet Food Store
Alamo Plaza / 56th & Hwy 2
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Seed tube bird feeders & Nyjer thistle bird feeders
Made in the USA / Lifetime warranty
#1 tube bird feeders on the market
Check them out below
For the best seed tube bird feeders and Nyjer thistle feeders on the market its Aspects and Droll Yankees - hands down

Why? These are high end, quality wild bird feeders at an affordable price. Made in the U.S.A., and come with a lifetime warranty. 

DY Twist Off CC Fdr

These seed tube and Nyjer thistle seed feeders are easy to fill and even easier to clean with Quick Clean removable bases.

Unlike acrylic seed and thistle bird feeders you find at many big box outlets that can crack in cold temperatures or they become brittle from the hot summer sun, Aspects and Droll Yankees tubes are made from polypropylene - durable, UV stabilized, won't yellow or crack. (covered by lifetime warranty)

If you want a quality seed tube bird feeder or Nyjer thistle seed bird feeder, then you want  Aspects or Droll Yankees feeders - guaranteed for life..

Environmentally Friendly Bird Feeders
Birds Choice Recycled Feeders
Although the durability and natural look of cedar bird feeders continue to be preferred, the new line of feeders made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic is gaining in popularity. Many of these bird feeders have a lifetime warranty against fading, pealing, cracking, and chipping. They clean up like brand new, even after years of use. And speak of easy cleaning, many of the cedar and recycled plastic feeders we stock have removable perforated steel bottoms. This also allows moisture to pass through and the seed to remain dry.

Made in the USA

Wild Bird Habitat's Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Selection

When it comes to squirrels, Wild Bird Habitat doesn't only have you covered with our functional squirrel baffles, we offer a large variety of squirrel proof bird feeders, several with lifetime warranties, and all that can be repaired, not tossed because of any damage.
Best affordable 



Peanut Feeders - A picture is worth a thousand words
Yellow-shafted Flicker
Downy feeding young
Hairy Woodpecker
Red-bellied Woodpecker
photos by Dave of Wild Bird Habitat

Check out Wild Bird Habitat's Peanut Feeders


Caged Peanut Feeders - Feed woodpeckers not squirrels & starlings
Yellow-shafted Flicker
Downy Woodpecker
Hairy Woodpecker
Red-bellied Woodpecker
photos by Dave of Wild Bird Habitat

Check out Wild Bird Habitat's Peanut Feeders


Best Woodpecker Suet Plugs

Attractor High Energy Suet Plugs available at 
the Wild Bird Habitat Stores

  • Roasted Peanut Attractor Plugs
    P-Nutbutter Logs
    Suet Log w/WP
  • Pure Attractor Plugs
  • Sunflower Attractor Plugs
  • No-Melt Peanut Butter Attractor Plugs
By the pack or by the case, woodpeckers love 'em

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We hope you enjoy Wild Bird Habitat's monthly birding news
More birding info than you can shake a tail feather at!
Nyjer thistle seed has always been the go to wild bird feed for Goldfinches. They will also feast on hulled sunflower seed. But Nutra Safflower seed has become a very popular feed for Goldfinch when placed in a seed tube bird feeder.

Nyjer thistle seed is imported from places like India, Burma, and Ethiopia. It is sterilized when brought into North America to avoid noxious weed seeds from germinating creating a relatively short shelf life which Goldfinch will reject if the Nyjer is old.

Nutra safflower on the other hand is grown by American farmers, is less expensive, attracts not just Goldfinch but a large variety of birds, and best of all squirrels ignore it.

NOTE: I have never observed Goldfinch feeding on traditional WHITE SAFFLOWER. However   NUTRA SAFFLOWER was hybridized from white safflower removing the hard white outer shell, raising the over-all fat content by 30% leaving a thin brown hull often referred to as safflower gold.

Nearly 3 Billion Birds Gone

A new study finds steep, long-term losses across virtually all groups of birds in the U.S. and Canada

More info & links in 
Wild Bird Habitat Store's

In ancient times humans looked to the flight and songs of birds to protect the future. Today once again, birds have something to tell us.

Su Rynard's wide-ranging and contemplative documentary THE MESSENGER explores our deep-seated connection to birds and warns that the uncertain fate of songbirds might mirror our own. Moving from the northern reaches of the Boreal Forest to the base of Mount Ararat in Turkey to the streets of New York, 

THE MESSENGER brings us face-to-face with a remarkable variety of human-made perils that have devastated thrushes, warblers, orioles, tanagers, grosbeaks and many other airborne music-makers.

On one level, THE MESSENGER is an engaging, visually stunning, emotional journey, one that mixes its elegiac message with hopeful notes and unique glances into the influence of songbirds on our own expressions of the soul. On another level, THE MESSENGER is the artful story about the mass depletion of songbirds on multiple continents, and about those who are working to turn the tide.

Watch THE MESSENGER on Amazon Video

Shifting Ranges: 588 Habitats in a Changing Climate
Audubon Logo

In 2015, the National Audubon Society released a groundbreaking report called "Birds and Climate Change." This report detailed what we can expect for North American bird species in the coming decades. It focuses on the impacts of climate change on 588 avian species using decades of observations from Audubon members and our best understanding of what each species needs to survive.

In the most likely climate scenarios, the majority of the bird species studied-314-will see at least 50 percent of their current summer or winter range no longer suitable for them. Some species, like the purple finch, may see an increase in their expected habitable ranges because new habitats will become suitable as existing ones are no longer viable for them. Others, like the burrowing owl, are expected to mostly lose territory. Some impacts of climate change are unavoidable, but we can still protect many of the species we love. One of the most important ways to protect birds from the effects of climate happens to be one of the most important ways to protect birds in general: creating and protecting habitats. These strongholds should take into account both current and future bird populations. 

To view the redistribution of 588 North American bird species from 2000 to 2080 open the Audubon Field Guide. Select a bird (or search a bird species) then scroll down to the bottom and watch the changes in that birds range as habitats change due to a warming climate.

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