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October News Notes:
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  • Northern visitors are starting to arrive for the winter with Juncos leading the way.
  • Most of our summer birds are now but a memory.
  • The molt is over. Birds have fresh new feathers, and are becoming more active now.
  • Ducks and geese are getting restless and preparing to move out.
  • Blackbirds are flocking together and will soon begin to leave.
  • Watch your yards for new or unusual birds passing through.
  • Migration is a time when extremely rare birds may suddenly appear to your area.
  • Take the time for an early morning bird walk and watch the migration take place.
  • Watch mudflats and lakeside edges for migrating shorebirds.
  Read more about October News Notes in Dave's Bird Chatter for October  by clicking on the link below to  Wild Bird Habitat's October Newsletter

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Dr. Mary Bomberger Brown leaves behind 
1957 - 2019
an inspirational legacy of conservation
Dr. Mary Bomberger Brown of the University of Nebraska's School of Natural Resources spent her life addressing bird conservation through research, professional publications, and instructing students about everything birds. Mary passed away on August 24, 2019 leaving a legacy that will endure forever in the world of birds. The University of Nebraska Foundation has set up a Mary Bomberger Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund . The scholarship will be specifically for students majoring in fisheries and wildlife at UNL's School of Natural Resources, with a sophomore standing or above, and who have a GPA of 3.55 or higher. 

Mary Bomberger Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund

In her life, Dr. Mary Bomberger Brown chose to give of her time, talent and treasure, inspiring others to contribute to conservation efforts - both big and small, especially when it came to birds. In her death, she'll continue to give back to students pursuing conservation degrees in fisheries and wildlife at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

The Wild Bird Habitat Stores are contributing $500 to this scholarship fund and ask that our customers, friends, and associates help match this donation. 
You can make a contribution through the Wild Bird Habitat Stores
or by submitting a contribution to the:
Mary Bomberger Brown Scholarship Fund 
University of Nebraska Foundation 
1010 Lincoln Mall 
Lincoln, NE 68508 

Or contact the University of Nebraska Foundation at   (800) 432-3216
Please donate if you can and 
help keep Mary's legacy alive 
through inspired students

Wild Bird Habitat Store's  Newsletter
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  • Mary Bomberger Brown Scholarship Fund
  • What is the "bird of the month? 
  • Read "Dave's Bird Chatter" for October
  • Fall migration, a time to get out and enjoy birds
  • 3 million birds have been lost in 50 years - why?
  •  and more birding news
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Register today for the North American Bluebird Conference hosted by Bluebirds Across Nebraska. Spots for Sandhill Crane Viewing Blinds, Birding Tours, and Prairie Culture Field Trips will fill up fast as well as numerous birding workshops. 

This promises to be the largest birding event in 
North America for 2020. So register today.

For all the information 
and Printable Registration Form click
March 11 - 15, 2020

Register early to be certain to have a place on the birding trips, tours, and special activities. 
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for more information

In 2003 when Bluebirds Across Nebraska hosted the North American Bluebird Conference almost all 50 states were represented and several Canadian Provinces.

If you enjoy bluebirds, or just like birds in general, don't miss this exciting conference/festival. Its educational, informational, fun, its all about birds, and you'll be witness to one of the largest migrations on the planet. Up to 600,000 Sandhill Cranes along with numerous waterfowl species, and many migratory and resident Nebraska birds. 

It's the birding event of the year - don't miss it!
Wachiska Audubon's October Field trip
Field Trip - Saturday, October 19, 9:00 a.m.
"Autumn at the Arboretum with Dr. Richard Sutton"
Dr. Richard Sutton is a captivating guide to the wonderful world of horticulture with his obvious enthusiasm for native plants and a level of knowledge that enables him to impart insights to those of us who are lucky enough to share his company. Tree lovers will have that opportunity as Dr. Sutton has graciously agreed to lead a tour of the Maxwell Arboretum on East Campus. Leaf colors should be turning by the latter part of the month so, in addition to the fascinating information offered by our expert guide, our tour could provide a dazzling array of fall colors. 
We'll meet at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 19, in Lincoln at the UNL East Campus Dairy Store located on the East Campus Loop and accessed by turning north onto Dairy Store Drive from Holdrege Street between 37th and 38th streets. We'll walk the arboretum until 11:30 a.m. There is no fee, and the public is welcome. If you have questions, call John at 402-475-7275.

Checkout Wachiska Audubon's
The Seven Basic Bird Feeders
A series on seven feeder types to attract a larger variety of birds
Published by the Wild Bird Habitat Stores

Have you ever gone out to purchase a bird feeder and right away you are met with a various selection of styles and designs? It can seem like a mystery as to which feeder might work best for attracting the birds you desire. But did you know that, with the exception of specialty bird feeders for attracting orioles, hummingbird, or bluebirds, all bird feeders you see fit into one of seven categories. That includes many squirrel proof bird feeders that are available.

In our series "The Seven Basic Bird Feeders" we will discuss each of the seven wild bird feeder types, what wild bird feed to use in them, and what birds you can expect to attract. Like us on Face Book  or follow us on Instagram  where every two weeks we will feature a different type of wild bird feeder. We hope you join us and let us help you take the guess work out of buying a bird feeder and explain to you how different types of bird feeders will attract a larger variety of birds to your backyard.
Birds Choice Recycled Feeders

The first feeder we will discuss in our series is a common bird feeder most people start out with. 


So what can you do to help the birds get through the cold winter months in Nebraska? After all, birds only survive the cold nights from the energy provided by the food they consume during the day. So what can you do? Provide extra food for our birds in a backyard bird feeder.

Check out Wild Bird Habitat's article on the SEVEN BASIC BIRD FEEDERS that will guarantee bringing a larger variety of birds into your backyard. Also helpful is Wild Bird Habitat's BIRD FEED & BIRD FEEDER GUIDE where you can find out what bird feeders and wild bird feeds are suited for your favorite backyard birds.  
For all your backyard birding needs shop

Birding |  Sunday, October 13, 2019
Count birds with friends and food

OCT 15
Birding |  Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Sharpen your birding skills and get to know the birds founds along the prairie trails.

NOV 01
Friday, November 1, 2019
Discover fascinating facts about owls
Seed tube bird feeders & Nyjer thistle bird feeders
Made in the USA / Lifetime warranty
#1 tube bird feeders on the market
Check them out below
Nearly 3 Billion Birds Gone

A new study finds steep, long-term losses across virtually all groups of birds in the U.S. and Canada

More info & links in 
Wild Bird Habitat Store's


There is always something going on at the Pioneers Park Nature Center. Check out the Fall Activities and the Pioneers Park Nature Center's "From The Trails" fall newsletter at

In ancient times humans looked to the flight and songs of birds to protect the future. Today once again, birds have something to tell us.

Su Rynard's wide-ranging and contemplative documentary THE MESSENGER explores our deep-seated connection to birds and warns that the uncertain fate of songbirds might mirror our own. Moving from the northern reaches of the Boreal Forest to the base of Mount Ararat in Turkey to the streets of New York, 

THE MESSENGER brings us face-to-face with a remarkable variety of human-made perils that have devastated thrushes, warblers, orioles, tanagers, grosbeaks and many other airborne music-makers.

On one level, THE MESSENGER is an engaging, visually stunning, emotional journey, one that mixes its elegiac message with hopeful notes and unique glances into the influence of songbirds on our own expressions of the soul. On another level, THE MESSENGER is the artful story about the mass depletion of songbirds on multiple continents, and about those who are working to turn the tide.

Watch THE MESSENGER on Amazon Video

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Arnie's Pet Food Store
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Carolina Wrens
A bird feeder that has always been a favorite of mine since I began feeding birds some 35 years ago is a caged bird feeder. 

Caged bird feeders come with seed tubes which is perfect for feeding hulled sunflower seed, black oil sunflower seed, or specialty nut mixes. Others have mesh tubular inserts for feeding shelled peanuts. Either make a great woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker
feeder, especially the ones for shelled peanuts, and a safe haven for smaller birds such as the finches. 

European Starlings, Common Grackles, and squirrels are thwarted from being able to gain access, thus you are able to feed the more desirable birds you are trying to attract. One draw back is since it deters larger birds, it also makes it impossible for the Northern Cardinal to access. In that case I provide a platform bird feeder with safflower or Nutra safflower to attract them. Safflower is rejected by 99.9% of squirrels and is the least favorite of blackbirds.

Maybe it's time you added a caged feeder to your backyard bird feeding program. Check out Wild Bird Habitat's CAGED FEEDERS 
 Brome Bird Care
Effective Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders
Check out these amazing feeders below
One of Dave's favorite bird feeders 
Check out Dave's photos below
For the best seed tube bird feeders and Nyjer thistle feeders on the market its Aspects and Droll Yankees - hands down

Why? These are high end, quality wild bird feeders at an affordable price. Made in the U.S.A., and come with a lifetime warranty. 

DY Twist Off CC Fdr

These seed tube and Nyjer thistle seed feeders are easy to fill and even easier to clean with Quick Clean removable bases.

Unlike acrylic seed and thistle bird feeders you find at many big box outlets that can crack in cold temperatures or they become brittle from the hot summer sun, Aspects and Droll Yankees tubes are made from polypropylene - durable, UV stabilized, won't yellow or crack. (covered by lifetime warranty)

If you want a quality seed tube bird feeder or Nyjer thistle seed bird feeder, then you want  Aspects or Droll Yankees feeders - guaranteed for life..

Shop Wild Bird Habitat's Online Store
A comprehensive guide to the birds of Nebraska, seasonal occurrences, where they occur, and information on over 500 birds that reside, nest, or migrate through the state including maps for locating birds. Click on: 
Nebraska - birding doesn't get any better than this anywhere on the continent
 Where to go  Birding in Nebraska
Environmentally Friendly Bird Feeders
Birds Choice Recycled Feeders
Although the durability and natural look of cedar bird feeders continue to be preferred, the new line of feeders made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic is gaining in popularity. Many of these bird feeders have a lifetime warranty against fading, pealing, cracking, and chipping. They clean up like brand new, even after years of use. And speak of easy cleaning, many of the cedar and recycled plastic feeders we stock have removable perforated steel bottoms. This also allows moisture to pass through and the seed to remain dry.

Made in the USA

How to Identify Birds Without Using Your Eyes

From Bird Watchers Digest

As many a birder can attest, a whole new world opens up when we become aware of the incredible diversity of birdlife that shares our space. 

We hope this guide will get you well on your way to identifying birds solely by sound.

Peanut Feeders - A picture is worth a thousand words
Yellow-shafted Flicker
Downy feeding young
Hairy Woodpecker
Red-bellied Woodpecker
photos by Dave of Wild Bird Habitat

Check out Wild Bird Habitat's Peanut Feeders


Caged Peanut Feeders - Feed woodpeckers not squirrels & starlings
Yellow-shafted Flicker
Downy Woodpecker
Hairy Woodpecker
Red-bellied Woodpecker
photos by Dave of Wild Bird Habitat

Check out Wild Bird Habitat's Peanut Feeders


Need some help identifying birds? 

Answer five simple questions about a bird you are trying to identify and Merlin will come up with a list of possible matches. Merlin offers quick identification help for all levels of bird watchers to learn about North America and Europe's common and rare birds!

A new advanced version of the Photo ID tool is now available for download in the latest version of Merlin Bird ID for Android and iPhone . Select an image from your smartphone image gallery or snap a shot from the back of your cameras viewfinder, and Merlin will walk you through the 2 quick steps before showing you a list of possible species.

The Audubon Bird Guide is a free and complete field guide to over 800 species of North American birds, right in your pocket. Built for all experience levels, it will help you identify the birds around you, keep track of the birds you've seen, and get outside to find new birds near you. Now with Bird ID Wizard

HARD COPY FIELD GUIDES form Wild Bird Habitat
 Environmentally friendly feeders!
Check out Birds Choice professional feeders below
Made in the USA / Lifetime warranty
Shifting Ranges: 588 Habitats in a Changing Climate
Audubon Logo

In 2015, the National Audubon Society released a groundbreaking report called "Birds and Climate Change." This report detailed what we can expect for North American bird species in the coming decades. It focuses on the impacts of climate change on 588 avian species using decades of observations from Audubon members and our best understanding of what each species needs to survive.

In the most likely climate scenarios, the majority of the bird species studied-314-will see at least 50 percent of their current summer or winter range no longer suitable for them. Some species, like the purple finch, may see an increase in their expected habitable ranges because new habitats will become suitable as existing ones are no longer viable for them. Others, like the burrowing owl, are expected to mostly lose territory. Some impacts of climate change are unavoidable, but we can still protect many of the species we love. One of the most important ways to protect birds from the effects of climate happens to be one of the most important ways to protect birds in general: creating and protecting habitats. These strongholds should take into account both current and future bird populations. 

To view the redistribution of 588 North American bird species from 2000 to 2080 open the Audubon Field Guide. Select a bird (or search a bird species) then scroll down to the bottom and watch the changes in that birds range as habitats change due to a warming climate.

We hope you enjoy Wild Bird Habitat's monthly birding news
More birding info than you can shake a tail feather at!

Our Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Check them out below 

Nutra Saff w Chickadee
If you are currently filling your seed tube bird feeder with a white Proso millet based general wild bird mix, try filling it with black oil sunflower seed, hulled sunflower seed, or Nutra Safflower seed. You'll be surprised at the difference in activity and the birds you attract to that seed tube bird feeder.

 Attractor Suet Plugs below - highly nutritious

#1 suet plugs on the market
Check them out below

Wild Bird Habitat's Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Selection

When it comes to squirrels, Wild Bird Habitat doesn't only have you covered with our functional squirrel baffles, we offer a large variety of squirrel proof bird feeders, several with lifetime warranties, and all that can be repaired, not tossed because of any damage.
Nyjer thistle seed has always been the go to wild bird feed for Goldfinches. They will also feast on hulled sunflower seed. But Nutra Safflower seed has become a very popular feed for Goldfinch when placed in a seed tube bird feeder.

Nyjer thistle seed is imported from places like India, Burma, and Ethiopia. It is sterilized when brought into North America to avoid noxious weed seeds from germinating creating a relatively short shelf life which Goldfinch will reject if the Nyjer is old.

Nutra safflower on the other hand is grown by American farmers, is less expensive, attracts not just Goldfinch but a large variety of birds, and best of all squirrels ignore it.

NOTE: I have never observed Goldfinch feeding on traditional WHITE SAFFLOWER. However   NUTRA SAFFLOWER was hybridized from white safflower removing the hard white outer shell, raising the over-all fat content by 30% leaving a thin brown hull often referred to as safflower gold.

Best affordable 



Best Woodpecker Suet Plugs

Attractor High Energy Suet Plugs available at 
the Wild Bird Habitat Stores

  • Roasted Peanut Attractor Plugs
    P-Nutbutter Logs
    Suet Log w/WP
  • Pure Attractor Plugs
  • Sunflower Attractor Plugs
  • No-Melt Peanut Butter Attractor Plugs
By the pack or by the case, woodpeckers love 'em

A top North American Birding Area
Nebraska Birding Trails

Listing more than 400 bird watching sites across the state of Nebraska. From the Missouri River Valley to the panhandle's rugged Pine Ridge, you'll find world class bird watching, scenic vistas, and a remarkable Nebraska Heritage around every corner.
Nebraska Metro Birding
Bird watching in seven counties in Eastern Nebraska. Find birding sites right out your backdoor in Cass, Dodge, Douglas, Lancaster, Sarpy, Saunders, and Washington counties.
Central Nebraska, one of the major migratory routes on the continent. From Sandhill Cranes to Prairie Chickens, shore birds to prairie dog towns, it's an incredible journey you don't want to miss. 
Chicken Dance Trail

Chicken Dance Birding Trail, 27 counties in Southwestern Nebraska 
Birding in South Central & South Western Nebraska.

 Deter squirrels and blackbirds with Nutra Safflower & regular safflower
Everything you need to know - scroll down
Nutra Safflower for Goldfinch
Nyjer thistle seed has traditionally been the preferred seed of the American Goldfinch. The cost of Nyjer seed can vary greatly as it is a product imported to North America from India and Ethiopia and they set the price, and the price is rising once again. Nyjer is an oil seed which is why it is enjoyed so much by finches. In countries where it is grown this seed is crushed and used for cooking oil, much as in North America we crush black oil sunflower and safflower seed for cooking oil.

At Wild Bird Habitat Store we have received many reports and have had personal experience that Goldfinch readily feed on Nutra Safflower seed. In fact they may prefer it over Nyjer thistle seed. This could be a great alternative to supplementing Nyjer thistle seed for attracting Goldfinch. One benefit of Nutra Safflower is that this is a product grown by American farmers.

Nutra Safflower is available in 20 and 50 pound bags at the Wild Bird Habitat Store locations or by bulk quantity.

Internet customers can order Nutra Safflower seed on line. Although Wild Bird Habitat Stores Internet store offers free shipping on orders over $100, there is no free shipping on wild bird feeds. That allows us to keep our Internet wild bird feed prices low.   Order Nutra Safflower on line.

The Seed - 2018 
Nebraska Statewide Arboretum - Planting Nebraska for healthy people, vibrant communities and a resilient environment 

Late last summer I was contacted by Karma Larson of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum to submit an article about my favorite bird to be published in "THE SEED - 2018". That became quite a challenge. I often kid with folks that my favorite bird is the one I'm looking at, at that time. A number of other birders were asked the same question as well. The results are most interesting. But apart from birders proclaiming their favorite bird, the article produced a vast assortment of information about birds. For example:
Crane Dance
  • "Every year 400,000 to 600,000 sandhill cranes-80 percent of all the cranes on the planet-congregate along an 80-mile stretch of the central Platte River in Nebraska, to fatten up on waste grain in the empty cornfields in preparation for the journey to their Arctic and subarctic nesting grounds." Smithsonian 
  • "How many caterpillars does it take to raise a nest of chickadee chicks? Native oak trees are host to more than 550 species of moth and butterfly caterpillars. The ginkgo, a common ornamental landscaping tree from Asia, supports only five species." Audubon
  • "A cedar waxwing eating dogwood fruits needs 230 berries a day. While we humans can't eat dogwood berries, we do love blueberries. So by comparison, if we ate the same amount of blueberries relative to our weight of, say, 140 pounds, we would have to eat 46,577 berries-a whopping 215 pints-per day!" Evansville Courier & Press
  • "Scientists have determined that the world's birds eat 450 to 550 million tons of insects each year. That's as many as 20 quadrillion individual bugs." USA Today
Read the full article about

It's entertaining, thought provoking, and informative with a terrific list of birding resources for every bird enthusiast

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