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As a convinience, customers may pre-order wild bird feeds so their order is ready for pickup when they arrive. Details at the bottom of this newsletter.
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September Bird Notes:
  • .Migration of many of our Neo-tropical summer visitors is in full swing.
  • Gold Finch, Waxwings, and Mourning Doves will finish up their nesting.
  • Hummingbirds will continue to pass through. Keep the feeders fresh for them.
  • Hawks will soon be soaring south forming kettles high in the sky
  • September is the time to think about birds preparing for the winter season.
  • By months end most birds will have established their winter feeding territories.
  • Suet is still an important food source for adult woodpeckers and their young.
  • Rough looking birds will soon be finished molting and start to look normal again.
  • Make time to take a bird walk. Enjoy the changing seasons.
Read Dave's 'Bird Chatter' in
Wild Bird Habitat Store's September newsletter below
Wild Bird Habitat's September Newsletter
Birding news you can use!

In our Birding News for September you'll find:
  • Hummingbirds will be busy at the feeders this month
  • Bird of the month that's very similar to a Hairy Woodpecker
  • About the changing seasons
  • Create a corridor for birds in your neighborhood
  • Late summer bird feeding
  • Check out our autumn wingtips
  • Blue Jays - guardians of your backyard
  • What? A bald headed bird!
  • And of course, Dave's 'September Bird Chatter'

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for birding news you can use
from the Wild Bird Habitat Stores
Hummingbirds will be plentiful through September. into early October. With the unusually dry conditions causing wildflowers to produce less nectar hummingbird feeders should be busy.

Attracting Hummingbirds
Here are some tips to successfully attract hummingbirds

The Wild Bird Habitat Stores offer a good variety of quality hummingbird feeders. Our Droll Yankees and Aspects collection come with a lifetime warranty. Check us out for the best hummingbird feeders on the market. As I am asked about my preference, one whare I get a lot of photos, it's the JB Hummingbird feeder. It is one of the best I have found. leak proof, built in bee guards, and wide mouth glass jar for easy filling. Pops apart for cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Ant's a problem? We also offer ant moats to deter those pesky little creatures. Check us out at

Wingtip: Say good-bye to the orioles. Female orioles left by late August, but the male orioles have remained on their territory with the juvinelle birds. By mid September they will be heading for the Tropics as well. So keep your oriole feeders stocked until they depart.
Suet is Not Just For Winter
Did you know woodpeckers will consume more suet between March and summer's end than all winter long? So keep the suet out. Suet doughs will not melt, even in direct sunlight. However if you are using regular suet that can get very soft and melt a bit in extremely hot soon, then move it to a shady area. Woodpeckers and nut hatches are birds of the tree trunk zone, so near trees is a better locattion for suet feeders. Here is everything you need to know about attracting woodpeckers and feeding suet year more

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For the busy birder, Wild Bird Habitat is continuing the convenient service for local customers to pre-order their wild bird feeds so their order is ready for pickup when they arrive - details below
Check out our most popular
bird feeders below
Join our "Bird Feed by-the Bucket" program and save 10% on our 21 varieties of quality bulk wild bird feeds whenever you need a refill

Ask our staff for details

Friendly Bird Feeders
Although the durability and natural look of cedar bird feeders continue to be preferred, the new line of feeders made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic is gaining in popularity. Many of these bird feeders have a lifetime warranty against fading, pealing, cracking, and chipping. They clean up like brand new, even after years of use. And speak of easy cleaning, many of the cedar and recycled plastic feeders we stock have removable perforated steel bottoms. This also allows moisture to pass through and the seed to remain dry.
Made in the USA
Great time to buy a new bird feeder as you get ready for spring and summer bird feeding. Maybe add a new type of bird feeder for summer. What kind of bird feeder might you want to add to your backyard? Find out at

Wild Bird Habitat's

When it comes to squirrels, Wild Bird Habitat doesn't only have you covered with our functional squirrel baffles, we offer a large variety of squirrel proof bird feeders, several with lifetime warranties that can be repaired, not tossed because of squirrel damage.

Best affordable 
For the best seed tube bird feeders and Nyjer thistle feeders on the market its Aspects and Droll Yankees - hands down

Why? These are high end, quality wild bird feeders at an affordable price. Made in the U.S.A., and come with a lifetime warranty. 

These seed tube and Nyjer thistle seed feeders are easy to fill and even easier to clean with Quick Clean removable bases.

Unlike acrylic seed and thistle bird feeders you find at many big box outlets that can crack in cold temperatures or they become brittle from the hot summer sun, Aspects and Droll Yankees tubes are made from polypropylene - durable, UV stabilized, won't yellow or crack. (covered by lifetime warranty)

If you want a quality seed tube bird feeder or Nyjer thistle seed bird feeder, then you want Aspects or Droll Yankees feeders - guaranteed for life..

Ouick Clean base
Best Woodpecker Suet Plugs

Attractor High Energy Suet Plugs available at 
the Wild Bird Habitat Stores

  • Roasted Peanut Attractor Plugs
  • Pure Attractor Plugs
  • Sunflower Attractor Plugs
  • No-Melt Peanut Butter Attractor Plugs
By the pack or by the case, woodpeckers love 'em

pre-filled with suet

Suet Log w/WP
P-Nutbutter Logs
The Sky Cafe Bird Feeder by Arundale Products is the best squirrel proof bird feeder in the world. This large bird feeder keeps the birds happy, while its unique and durable design protects against squirrels and the elements. Squirrels slide off the dome every time they try, and they do keep trying, again and again, making this the best squirrel proof bird feeder around. Made in the U.S.A., this feeder has a *Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage*.

Check out Wild Bird Habitat's 
Where do go birding in Nebraska
If you travel to observe birds, or just want a place where you can see a large diversity of bird species, then Nebraska may be the place you should consider for a birding trip. With two major flyways, the Central Great Plains flyway and the Missouri River flyway. The variety of ecological regions through out the state; tall, short, and mixed grass prairies, wetlands and riparian woodlands which attract a large diversity of birds. Nebraska is also home to both eastern and western bird species with a hybridi zone where the two meet. Give Nebraska a try on your next birding excursion. You may just discover that Nebraska is one of the top birding areas on the North American Continent.
Do you have a smart phone, tablet, or PC? Here are the best birding ID APPS and website for identifying birds. Best of all they are FREE DOWNLOADS from the Cornell Bird Lab
Includes bird ID wizard

AUDUBON BIRD ID APP (A great app as a field guide)
Includes bird ID wizard

BIRDNET (Identify birds by sound)

PICTURE BIRD Take a photo or select a photo from your image file for instant bird ID. Or you can easily record a birds song or call for instant bird ID by sound.
This has become my favorite bird ID app althou there is a small for for Picture Bird

A convenient way to shop for wild bird feeds for busy birders

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Let us know if you prefer curbside pickup

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A division of Wild Bird Habitat Stores
Arnie's Pet Food Store
Where we care as much about your pets as we do our own!
Alamo Plaza / 56th & Hwy 2
(402) 904-3573
a division of the Wild Bird Habitat Store
Nebraska's Raptor Conservation Alliance has just released their new website. New content will be added soon including the birds of the Raptor Conservation Alliance and their stories. Visit the RCA website and make a donation at

The Raptor Conservation Alliance based in Nebraska has rehabilitated and released over 15,000 injured and orphaned birds of prey in the past 45 years. Learn more about the ongoing efforts of the Raptor Conservation Alliance and how you can help at

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